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More often than not there comes a time in every electronic music studio where software sequencers and DAWs offer so much that it can sometimes drain one’s creative flow.  That’s where a hardware step sequencer can help. Moving away from a screen and physically interacting with a hardware sequencer can be very rewarding both in the studio and performing. These days,…

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Our long-awaited drum machine review part two is here! As we alluded to back in part one, it’s pretty interesting to know that the humble programmable drum machine has only been around for little over 40 years. We truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to beat-making machines, and that’s not including the plethora of software emulators or samplers! There…

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Here at Noisegate we usually concern ourselves with creating content such as reviews, tutorials and first looks at fresh new products. As much as we enjoy creating this kind of content sometimes we yearn for something that is a bit more action-packed. We put together a crack team of investigative journalists and performed a real-world field test on JBL’s EON712 PA…

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With the recent arrival of the new JBL EON ONE Compact and hype surrounding this portable battery-powered PA, we thought it prudent to check out what else is out there in portable battery-powered PA land. We’re sure most will be familiar with the Bose S1 Pro System, which has somewhat set the bar in this style and form factor of portable…

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