11 Synth Tips And Tricks Using the Arturia Microbrute

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Youtube user Loopop has an excellent walkthrough video showing eleven tips and tricks you you can apply to your synths.

In the video he uses the Arturia MicroBrute to demonstrate the tips and tricks, which are:

  1. Delay
  2. Sidechain
  3. HPF Bass Boost
  4. Add Noise
  5. Noise Sidechain
  6. DIY Brute Factor
  7. Tremolo
  8. Tuning Resonance
  9. Microtuning
  10. Chromatic Resonance
  11. Playing the LFO

Perhaps the most impressive trick is using a cheap transistor radio to add a noise oscillator. This of course requires your synth to have an audio input, which the MicroBrute has.

Similarly, there’s no reason why you couldn’t apply these ideas to software synths.

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