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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Syncing A Eurorack Modular To Ableton Live

Syncing a Eurorack Modular to Ableton Live

Alan Gleeson from ADSR has released a useful video tutorial  demonstrating the ways in which Ableton Live's built in devices can be used to sync Ableton with Eurorack setups. These handy tricks are a great way to control your Eurorack setup from your computer without
Beam Steering – Bending Acoustic Space with Time

Beam Steering – Fohhn AG Bending Acoustic Space

Beam steering is the art of getting a line array to ‘steer’ its output to wherever you want it to go, and nowhere you don’t. It’s a technique and technology commonly employed in acoustically challenging and reverberant spaces like airports, public buildings, and houses of
Store Spotlight: Mannys Music Instruments & Pro Audio

#ShopTalk – Mannys Musical Instruments & Pro Audio

Founded in 1991 Mannys Music Store was first located in a small premises in Collingwood and quickly out grew its original space within the decade, and relocated in 1998 to Fitzroy. Mannys would move again to it's current location in  St. Georges Road, North Fitzroy,
Studio Profile: Enmore Audio

Studio Profile: Enmore Audio Recording Studios

Enmore Audio is a three-room recording studio, located in Sydney’s inner west. They have played host to an eclectic bunch of musicians in recent years, from string groups to rock bands to solo singer-songwriters. The studio is located in a shared creative space with music,
Microhire’s Passion for Adamson Goes up to S10

Microhire: The Passion for Adamson Goes Up to S10

Microhire are the largest Australian-owned corporate event staging company, employing 200 full time employees in multiple locations and over 40 venue contracts in both Australia and Fiji. Melbourne branch Microhire, proud in-house supplier to a number of leading venues, have purchased an Adamson S10 line