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Monthly Archives: April 2018

I Built the Sky Feature

Player Profile: Rohan Stevenson – I Built The Sky

We met up with 'I Built the Sky’s' Rohan Stevenson and got chatting about how he got started in the Music Industry, his inspirations to songwriting and to find out about his favorite gear.  What sparked your interest in learning guitar? My dad plays guitar and
Dial in Your Personal PA Mix with Signal Processing

Dial in Your Personal PA Mix with Signal Processing

Check 1, 2  In this article we’ll cover signal processing for personal PAs. Hopefully after reading this article, you’ll be ready to dial in your personal PA mix to perfection with Signal Processing. Equalizers The equalizer (EQ) is probably the most important processor in the
Universal Audio – Guitar & Bass Plugins

Universal Audio – Guitar & Bass Plugins

Today we take a look at three of the most intuitive guitar plugins available from Universal Audio on their UAD format. It has only been in recent years where software amp emulation has really taken giant steps in recreating tone and dynamics prevalent in tube
Pre-amps demystified – what is CMR?

Pre-Amps Demystified – What is CMR?

There’s a lot of pseudo-mythical adjectives thrown around when discussing the merits of mic pre-amps. The get called ‘warm’, ‘full’, ‘fat’, ‘present’, ‘silky’ and ‘creamy’, and whole lot of other words that are better suited to describing food. So what’s really contributing to the qualities

Unconventional & Alternative Drum Miking Techniques

The good folk at AKG recently sent us some really handy diagrams and suggestions for drum miking that correspond with their off-the-shelf drum microphone bundles. These are solid solutions for every budget, and fit in beautifully with that well-worn channel strip layout of kick, snare,

Black Corporation Tease New Analogue Polyphonic Synth

Black Corporation, The makers of the well-received 'Deckards Dream' Yamaha CS80 remake, have been teasing details of their upcoming 8-voice analogue poly-synth module 'KIMIJI' via Instagram. Initially leaked by sound-designer Richard Divine during NAMM, here's what we know so far. The Kimiji is loosely based
Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient Pickups

TIMMKV Review: Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient Pickups

In this video Tim checks out the popular Nazgul/Sentient pickup set from Seymour Duncan. Be warned, this is for the fans of all things heavy! The Nazgul bridge pickup is unapologetically aggressive thanks to the combination of a large ceramic magnet with custom winding specs.