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Monthly Archives: May 2018

microKORG: Sweet Sixteen

microKORG – Sweet Sixteen

Product Review: The KORG microKORG  For a while there, Korg ran out of ways to wrap the company name into its model names. The ’70s kicked off with the KORGUE organ, then the miniKORG, followed by the MAXI KORG. It was a good run, but it

Soundcraft SIG22 MTK Analogue Mixer/Multi-Track Interface

Soundcraft have created an analogue mixer that pays homage to their past, but with a USB–flavoured twist.  There has never been a time when there has been a shortage of small–format analogue mixers aimed at the live–sound market and  as digital consoles become more affordable
Artist Profile: Craig Strain and “Pickpocket”

Artist Profile: Craig Strain and Pickpocket

We sat down and had a chat with Craig Strain, whom you may remember from our article “Player Profile: Craig Strain – Bass Lessons Melbourne” about his band “Pickpocket” and the release of their new EP ‘Permutations’. What was your inspiration and how did you

Artist Profile: In the Studio with SADIVA

SADIVA aka Hannah Keddy has been producing and performing her signature brand of lo-fi hip hop for sometime now. Having a passion for travel, soul music, and that “old-school flavour”, SADIVA gives us the rundown on her set-up, her inspiration, and her second album "MINUTES".
James Norbert Ivanyi

Player Profile – James Norbert Ivanyi

James Norbert Ivanyi is a multi-instrumentalist, teacher, producer and musician hailing from Sydney, Australia. He performed and toured with a diverse range of musicians and bands for many years before finding his voice and going solo in 2013, and has since self-released three internationally acclaimed
Bill Kelliher @ Mannys Music Melbourne

Bill Kelliher @ Mannys Music Melbourne

Back in late March this year, we were lucky enough to attend ESP Guitars Australia’s annual ‘ESP on Tour’ showcase held at Manny’s in Fitzroy, Melbourne, where we got the chance to check out and play some of the latest models from the 2018 lineup
Soundcraft Notepad‑8FX

Soundcraft Notepad 8FX Analogue Mixer & USB Interface

Product Review: Boasting two mic preamps, USB interfacing and Lexicon effects, this keenly priced mixer holds lots of promises. Does it deliver? Soundcraft’s console‑design history goes right back to the time when tape recorders ruled the Earth— and even the Notepad model name has been