7 Gift Ideas That A Beginner Musician Will Love You For

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With Christmas just around the corner, you might be wracking your brains for gift ideas for the fledgling musician in your midst… Whether they are a young Jimi Hendrix ready to evolve into their next state #guitargod or they’re the next David Guetta with an ear for hooks and production, this Noisegate Christmas gift guide will provide many ideas for some sweet swag to support that new musician in your life…


You can’t really become a #guitargod without some really great quality strings. Whether they’re for an acoustic or electric guitar, a packet of strings really does make the perfect (and seriously practical) stocking stuffer for any guitarist.

We are loving the strings from Dean Markley at the moment! Check out their hugely diverse range of strings, from electric to banjo!

KORG EK-50 The Entertainer Keyboard 

We are totally obsessed with this new keyboard from KORG. The first entry-level accompaniment style keyboard ever released by these seminal synth masters, the EK-50 is simple enough for beginners to navigate and sophisticated enough to keep more masterful players interested. The EK-50 contains more than 700 instrument sounds that range from acoustic pianos to otherworldly classic synthesizers. In addition to this, the accompaniment feature allows those less confident on the keys to experiment with melodies and sounds, whilst backed by a fully responsive backing band.

7 Gift Ideas That A Beginner Musician Will Love You For

Clip-On Tuner

A tuning pedal can be quite a big investment for a new musician, not to mention they can be heavy to carry around. For a quick and effective tune up many players will turn to their reliable and portable clip-on tuner, making them the perfect little treat for any new guitarist. Check out our Noisegate Round Up of the best clip-ons going at the moment for further inspiration.

Pick Punch

Whilst you might think a plectrum is the peak of savvy and practical gifts, what if you could give your musician buddy an endless supply of picks? Save them from the mad rush of finding a pick before the show by giving the gift of endless pick access, the Pick Punch! The Pick Punch allows you to make a plectrum out of pretty much any material and is the perfect quirky accessory for any player, new or old.

7 Gift Ideas That A Beginner Musician Will Love You For


Perfectly portable and easy to master, a ukulele is a wonderful beginners instrument. Whether they want to play classic hits or post kooky covers to YouTube, a ukulele will allow any new musician the freedom to explore their newfound creativity. We love the wide range of colours and the high quality of sound crafted in the ukuleles by the folks over at Monterey.


Don’t let the excitement of getting into music run away with your loved one’s hearing! We’ve only got one set of ears so help the new musician in your life protect theirs from harmful noise levels with some quality earplugs. We think this article by Musician on a Mission provides a great overview of some of the best on the market right now.

7 Gift Ideas That A Beginner Musician Will Love You For

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