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Native Instruments Massive X: Good News & Bad News

Native Instruments Massive X: Good News & Bad News

Native Instruments’ follow-up to the legendary Massive software synth — Massive X, has unfortunately been delayed from its initial release date of February 2019 to June 2019, stating on their website: Back in September we announced that MASSIVE X would arrive in February. Unfortunately, when

Beat Breakdown: ’90s Style Boom Bap Hip-Hop

A challenge that many producers face in the early stages of learning is getting the knack of programming drums. In this tutorial series, we’re dissecting some classic drum grooves, and show how to program them in a DAW. In this example, we’ll be using Ableton
Maschine Mikro MK3: Making Beats

Mashine Mikro MK3: Making a Beat-First Look

Native Instruments have been going from strength to strength with Maschine, which has been integral to their product line since its inception in 2009. It's also been one of the most effective products at integrating their Komplete software eco-system. Last year, NI nailed it with
12 New Products from Native Instruments

12 New Products from Native Instruments

Close to a year ago Native Instruments raised $59 million with the promise to “continue to improve upon several of our existing products aimed at innovating around the DJ-producer experience, including the popular DJing software Traktor..." With today’s exciting announcement of 12 New Products, they
NI Release Expansions

Native Instruments Release Expansions

Native Instruments has announced the release of Expansions - packs inspired by the acclaimed Maschine Expansions series.The packs are specially tailored for Native Instruments products, including Massive, Battery 4, and Maschine. Native Instruments claim that the packs are more than just samples and loops, with each Expansion packed with