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AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production and Performance Work Station

AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production Workstation

After weeks of leaked photos and info doing the rounds on the internet, Akai puts the rumours to rest with their announcement of FORCE –  A standalone production workstation which features “Ableton Push” style workflow, whilst providing musicians of all disciplines DAW-centric capability. It’s something

The Art of Synthesis - Arturia

The Art of Synthesis According to Arturia

At their core, analog synthesisers are potentially unexciting and lifeless boxes of electronic components. It’s one thing to tune an oscillator to produce a musically relevant pitch, but constructing an inspiring, playable musical instrument is another discipline entirely. In our ‘Art of Synthesis’ series, we examine

Past to Present – The Legacy of KORG

There is no doubting that Korg is a company with a rich heritage. Its products have gone on to define the sound of countless records and musical genres. While the Korg name is now synonymous with synthesizers, it's formative years were primarily concerned with the
The Noisegate Producers Xmas Gift Guide

The Noisegate Producers Xmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again when we all go into a shopping frenzy trying to find the perfect Christmas gifts for our friends and family. Maybe you love Christmas and get right into the spirit of it, or maybe you would rather swallow