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Bitwig Studio to go Modular in V3

The team at Bitwig have teased the upcoming version 3.0 of the DAW software and look set to deliver on their initial promise of a fully modular DAW environment. Dubbed ‘The Grid’, the modular environment will be split into 3 fairly self-explanatory divisions to build

Hungry Robot Semi Modular Pedals

Hungry Robot “Modular Synth Boxes”

Hungry Robot have designed an inexpensive line of Modular Synths that is kind of like a crossbreed between Korg Volcas and Eurorack modules, and are are perfect for your desktop as they come housed in a foot pedal type form-factor. This is pretty cool as
The Arturia Minibrute 2 Ecosystem is Here

The Arturia Minibrute 2 Modular Ecosystem

Announced in January, Arturia’s highly anticipated MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, and RackBrute systems are now available to own, and in stock at all good retailers. To highlight the unique creative potential the MiniBrute 2 ecosystem offers, Arturia teamed up with French modular mastermind Maxime Dangles
Syncing A Eurorack Modular To Ableton Live

Syncing a Eurorack Modular to Ableton Live

Alan Gleeson from ADSR has released a useful video tutorial  demonstrating the ways in which Ableton Live's built in devices can be used to sync Ableton with Eurorack setups. These handy tricks are a great way to control your Eurorack setup from your computer without
AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production and Performance Work Station

AKAI PRO FORCE: A Standalone Music Production Workstation

After weeks of leaked photos and info doing the rounds on the internet, Akai puts the rumours to rest with their announcement of FORCE –  A standalone production workstation which features “Ableton Push” style workflow, whilst providing musicians of all disciplines DAW-centric capability. It’s something

Native Instruments Massive X: Good News & Bad News

Native Instruments Massive X: Good News & Bad News

Native Instruments’ follow-up to the legendary Massive software synth — Massive X, has unfortunately been delayed from its initial release date of February 2019 to June 2019, stating on their website: Back in September we announced that MASSIVE X would arrive in February. Unfortunately, when

Korg Announces New Volcas and Minilogue XD

Korg have just confirmed three new product announcements ahead of the 2019 NAMM trade show – 2 new additions to their ultra-portable Volca series and an upgrade/expansion to their 2016 analogue synthesiser, the Minilogue. Introducing the Volca Drum digital percussion synthesiser, Volca Modular semi-modular analogue synth, and

Art of Synthesis: Korg

“Art is art when it is appreciated by someone.” – Isao Tomita Behind every great company there is usually is a great story, and Korg is certainly no exception. However, paradoxically with this story, the prologue comes at the end. At least the end of

Noisegate @ Ableton LOOP Summit in LA

Noisegate @ Ableton LOOP Summit in LA

LOOP is 3 days of discussions, performances, presentations and interactive workshops by musicians, for musicians presented by Ableton. It was designed to bring together like minded creative people to share ideas on music making, and discuss their visions on the future of music. There were

The Art of Synthesis: Melbourne Synth Festival 2018

If you are into LFO's, High Pass Filters, VCO's, DCO's, Envelopes, DSP, Aftertouch, ADSR's, CV's, MIDI, Arpeggiators or simply just keys, then this event will certainly trigger your Multi-Timbral. As part of Melbourne Music Week, Australian Musician, MESS and PBS 106.7 the inaugural Melbourne Synth Festival