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Warmup Exercises That Work

Bass Warm-Up Exercises That Work

Welcome the Noisegate Bass Lesson brought to you by Craig Strain from Bass Lessons Melbourne. In this month’s lesson we’re going to look at 2 warm-up exercises I prescribe to my students to help improve their left and right hand technique.. Ex.1 - The Spider There

Namm 2018 Roundup: Guitars & Bass

With the 2018 NAMM Show having just wrapped up, we have decided to showcase a few new Guitar & Bass products that we're most keen on seeing in Australia during the year! Ormsby Djent 2018Universal Audio OxRickenbacker 5 String Recently voted as the ‘biggest guitar
Player Profile: Craig Strain – Bass Lessons Melbourne

Player Profile: Craig Strain – Bass Lessons Melbourne

[addtoany] Melbourne bassist and teacher Craig Strain takes 5 to chat about his online teaching website, Bass Lessons Melbourne and all things bass… Who were the biggest influences you chose tap whilst learning bass? I started out as a metal-head when I was getting into
The most important bass of all time?

The Most Important Bass of all Time?

[addtoany] Many people agree the arrival of the Fender Precision bass marked a huge turning point in the way bassists approached making music in the late 50’s / 60’s. One of the biggest pioneers in bass playing during this time was Edisto Island session player
Effects Pedals for Bass Guitars

Effects Pedals Options for Bass Guitars

[addtoany] There are a lot of varying opinions on whether or not a bass player needs effects pedals, but going by the number of choices available on the market today, not only have they grown in popularity, they appear to have become the norm. Many
Fanned Fret Basses-Multi Scale The Low Down

Fanned Fret Basses-The Low Down

[addtoany] The Fanned fret bass, also known as Multi-Scale instantly look out of whack and are a little daunting when you try them out for the first time, the truth is they are surprisingly comfortable and not overly hard to get used to! The last
Choosing between 4 or 5 String Bass

Choosing between 4 or 5 String Bass Guitar

It seems these days that most bass guitar manufacturers like ESP Guitars, Ibanez and Fender are producing 5-string bass guitars, so it seems logical there are a lot more bassists playing them. Years ago, 5-strings purely seemed to be the domain of funk and metal
Bass Octave Pedals

Bass Pedal Shootout: MXR v BOSS v DOD

The octave effect is becoming a more and more staple addition to many bass players’ pedal-boards. With the market full of offerings from boutique high end brands to the mass produced stomp boxes we see in every music store, it can be pretty daunting when