A-Trak Collabs with Rane on New Seventy Signature Mixer

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Battle DJ and turntablists will be raising their brows today as Rane launch a new signature edition of their flagship Seventy DJ mixer. The collaboration with legendary turntablist A-Trak has brought forward some exciting new features, improved sound and a fresh design that looks wicka-wicka-wicked!

A-Trak has been renowned for his innovative DJ style and creative performance techniques, (trust me I’ve been a huge fan ever since I saw his winning DMC champion set in 1997) so having him exclusively involved in the design of the mixer is a sweet selling point. Plus, it’s backed up with some dope new features like the new fader effects, that turn the channel faders (up-faders) into FX controllers. It also includes the 10” Serato control vinyl featured in A-Trak’s routine —check out here:


  • Silver solid-steel exterior with rotary-style + aluminium-capped knobs and dual diecast, rotatable aluminium FX paddles
  • Fader FX with 4 tone generators, controlled via up-fader
  • Signature A-Trak sound curve, created with custom low-end frequency response and a signal-to-noise ratio of 114dB
  • 3 MAG FOUR contactless faders with external control for crossfader tension-adjustment
  • 16 performance pads – offering independent pad modes for each channel, and with Scratch Bank support
  • 6 post-fader internal Flex FX, stackable with Serato DJ Pro software effects
  • Dedicated SYNC buttons with the ability to change to Silent Cue or Instant Doubles, and dedicated loop controls
  • 32 MIDI-assignable pads
  •  Dual USB connections and microphone inputs
  • Rane Twelve connection hub
  • A special 10″ Serato Sticker Lock vinyl also comes with the mixer.

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