Ableton Launches: Ableton for the Classroom

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Over the years schools and education facilities around the world have been modernising their music programs to include electronic music production into their syllabus, driven largely by the demands of their students. Now, to help drive this and inspire young people into creating music, Ableton has developed a super exciting new program that will assist schools with incorporating Ableton Live into their music curriculum.

Ableton for the Classroom is a unique offer for eligible schools to get free Ableton Live Intro licenses installed on up to 60 computer terminals! The license includes the full feature set of Live Intro with no time restrictions, on top of this eligible schools are also able to get 50% discounts on Push and get big discounts on Live Suite. For schools that have budget limitations for music equipment, schools can also apply for a free Push to use in a class.

To support this program, Ableton has put together a comprehensive pool of resources that help educators and IT staff to support the installation of Live and Push as well as providing a package of classroom-ready projects for Educators. These projects include basic introductory “first steps with Ableton Live” which demonstrates Live’s composition and performance workflow right through to creating your first mash-up.

Ableton’s ambition for music education has long been a focus that drives the company to make and create innovative music production software, so it’s exciting to see an initiative like this come to fruition that will help to engage and inspire young people to produce their own music compositions.

Full details here: https://www.ableton.com/en/classroom/

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