Ableton Release Grain Scanner Max for Live Synth

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Ableton have released Grain Scanner, a new 10-voice polyphonic granular Max for Live synth. Developed by Amazing Noises, the company behind the fabulous Creative Extensions Max for Live pack, Grain Scanner offers powerful granular sound design potential with an interface reminiscent of Ableton Co-founder Robert Henke’s Granulator II.

Ableton’s press release has the following to say about Grain Scanner:

“The heart of Grain Scanner is an advanced granular engine that can play up to 128,000 microscopic slices of a sample per second. Musicians can modulate each of the 10 voices individually with up to four LFOs or modulate the global parameters with all four modulation sources at once. A built-in step sequencer and separate effects panel provide further ways to bend and twist the sound.

This Pack includes more than 100 presets, as well as a database of dozens of source sounds ready to be transformed. It’s also possible to import user samples to create a completely personal aesthetic. Furthermore, Grain Scanner was made with Push and other keyboard controllers in mind, so it’s quick and easy to start making melodies and harmonies.”

Grain Scanner is available now for $79 AUD

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