Ableton Tutorial: Chopping Drums With Gates

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Here’s an excellent video from Ableton Certified Trainer Adam Maggs, who runs the Sydney based Liveschool where he explains how to use gates to quickly remix drumloops into new patterns. It’s impressive to see in action, particularly how fast and efficient the workflow is both using just the software or with the Push controller.

As Adam states on the Liveschool blog:

“If you have been using the same stash of drum loops for a while, they can feel a little old and uninspiring when dropping them into a new project. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with this month’s Ableton tip from Liveschool trainer Adam Maggs. This workflow uses the Gate device to chop, rearrange, and remix your loops together into entirely new grooves and variations. What’s even better is that it can all be done on the fly, perfect for live performance and jamming with a controller like the Push 2.”

For a step-by-step explanation visit the Ableton Liveschool Blog.


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