Aguilar DB 599 Micro Bass Compressor Pedal – Announced!

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Aguilar has just announced an addition to their micro pedal range – the DB 599 Compressor pedal. Compression is a sonic tool that many believe is too hard to get your head around, and I can see why. With consideration to ‘Threshold’ ‘Ratio’ ‘Attack’ ‘Release’ – what does each do? And how do they work? I feel some of us stop at the manual and sell their newly purchased toy and continue compressor-less (I did this very thing at the start…). 

Aguilar DB 599 Micro Bass Compressor Pedal – Announced! Aguilar has removed all of this and done the thinking for you, with a super-easy 2 knob configuration you can quickly dial in a great sound without spending too much time on sonic mathematics!

Knob 1  –   ‘Comp’   – Dial in the amount of compression you require on your signal, crank this knob to increase the compression rate thus tightening up your sound dynamically.  

Knob 2 – ‘Gain’ – This is also referred to as ‘make-up gain’ – As you increase the compression of your signal use this to bring back any loss of output to your desired level… And that is it.   

Compression is no longer a mythical effect only used in the studio, use it correctly and it really does add much more to your tone.    

Check out the pedal in all Aus Aguilar stores.  

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