AKG: K175, K245 & K275 Foldable Headphones Review

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The legends over at AKG have given us an exclusive first look at their brand-new line of professional headphones. First announced in 2017, the new line has finally landed in Australia with three models in the range, the K-175, the K-245 and lastly the K-275.  What’s cool about these new headphones is they all boast this unique, super robust foldable design. What’s different about this design is the all-metal three-axis hinge, designed to withstand the rigours of the studio and live environments and will give you years of enjoyment. Their ergonomic, compact design allows them to be tucked away for travel to making them ideal for the travelling musician, producer or audio engineer. Let’s take a deeper look.

Starting with the K-175, the over-ear design is snug, compact and super comfortable, which is provided by the all-new slow retention ear pads and the classic AKG self-adjusting headband. Great for long listening sessions without becoming uncomfortable. They feature 40mm transducers which provide punchy bottom end which is balanced nicely with the crisp, clear top end for a very well balanced, uncoloured overall response. They’re nice and loud too, rated at 32ohms so they can comfortably be used with a wide range of playback devices. Isolation is good also, so they are ideal for live monitoring, DJ’s and live mixing applications.

Next, we have K-245. The one open back headphone in the line-up and are an over-ear design. Featuring the same robust build as the K-175 but with bigger 50mm transducers giving an extended low-end response. These are again super comfortable, provide a really even, neutral frequency response with lots of detail and won’t fatigue. An ideal choice for mixing and editing.

Lastly, there’s the K-275. These feature the same 50mm drivers as the K-245 but with the further extension of frequency response and more sensitivity. Their closed-back, the over-ear design provides amazing isolation which makes them a superb, professional option for studio recording and live mixing applications. With the same durable and ergonomic design as both the K-175 and K-245, they can be folded up, packed away and taken anywhere.

So that’s it for the all-new AKG professional foldable headphones. All these models feature the same robust foldable design and are all rated at 32ohms providing maximum output, come accompanied with a 5m detachable coiled cable with a mini XLR connector and velvet like carrying bag. However it would have been great if a straight cable was included, but you can always buy this from AKG as an accessory.

Follow the link for more information: AKG Foldable Headphones or head into your favourite AKG authorized retailer to have a listen for yourself.

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