AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Range Gets Expanded

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AKG’s WMS40 mini wireless mic and instrument systems have just got an exciting expansion with the introduction of the WMS40 mini US25 range, now available in Australia.  

The new US25 range offers four new fixed frequencies, Band A 537.500 MHz, Band B 537.900 MHz, Band C 539.300 MHz and Band D 540.400 MHz. Combining these new frequency bands with the already very popular WMS40 Mini US45 range, users can now get up to 7 fixed frequency channels! Pretty amazing given the price point of this range.  What’s more, because the new US25 range sits between 537.500 – 540.400 MHz means some areas in Australia that previously didn’t have access to these entry-level wireless systems can now use the WMS40 mini range in their area for the first time. This means that areas such as Perth and Geelong, can now safely use WMS40 mini and for example, the areas that can use both 659-666 MHz (US45) and 533-540 MHz (US25) are Melbourne and Adelaide.

Mini Vocal

Choices, choices, choices
There are a plethora of configurations available in this new range. Single vocal or instrument sets are available across all four frequency bands, options of dual vocal or dual instrument sets in bands A+C or bands B+D or if you require a combo of vocal and instrument you can get these two in a dual pack.

For more info, get in touch with your favoured authorised AKG dealer and check these new systems out first hand.

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