Artist Profile: In the Studio with SADIVA

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SADIVA aka Hannah Keddy has been producing and performing her signature brand of lo-fi hip hop for sometime now. Having a passion for travel, soul music, and that “old-school flavour”, SADIVA gives us the rundown on her set-up, her inspiration, and her second album “MINUTES”.

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“For chill tunes she rocks pretty hard”
Why do you think this kind of music grabs you?
For me it’s kind of like a diary entry, it’s coming from my soul. I’m making music that feels good to me and the fact that other people like it is kinda nice too. I’m sampling a lot of soul music and feel a lot when I listen to that kind of music.

You seem to have developed a special bond with the Roland SP-404 sampler. Why this unit in particular?
Yeah 100%, it’s something that I can just put in my backpack and  take on the road with me and then like, it’s not getting in the way it’s just easy. Since I started using it (as I was just playing tunes off my laptop), it just sort of came together and I could express my live set in a way that I wanted to. It just kind of makes sense for the music I’m making.

The Melbourne beat-maker scene seems to be especially vibrant & active at the moment..
Yep! There’s crews like Beat Lab that have really shaped that community within Melbourne, but it’s huge online too. There’s such a huge lo-fi hip hop beat culture community that’s really cool and it’s really expanding too.

Your music has a distinctive lo-fi vibe. Do you think that comes down to your sample slicing?
Yeah, I guess with my sampling I just… I was always just listening to alot of stuff that I’m feeling, I’m listening to stuff that I can relate to at the time of my feels or whatever, and I guess chopping it up I’m trying to tell a story within that. I dont know if that makes it lo-fi.. I dunno i’m just trying to make a sound that sounds good.
Chopping and sampling is one of my favourite things to do (obviously because it’s all I do haha), you can change a song that you love to be so different, and give it a whole new form of life. It’s kind of like vintage dresses, you know, people hated them once and then people brought them back to life and made them pretty, so it’s kind of them same.

Artist Profile: In the Studio with SADIVA

Who and what inspires you to make music the way you do?
J-Dilla, MF Doom, Premo (DJ Premier), 9th Wonder, Kev Brown – all those guys massively inspired me from day one. I was in a bad place with life and I was really into J-Dilla and I started like, deciphering his music. I remember I was listening to all the samples he used on DONUTS, compared to how he flipped it – it just inspired the shit out of me. I ended up meeting up with a friend who was into the same music, and they actually taught me how to use the MASCHINE which was the first thing I started on, and from there I could not stop. I was like f**k this has got a hold on me.

We see you’ve picked up the NI MASCHINE MK3, where does that fit into your workflow?
MASCHINE is pretty much all I use for my production, I have such a comfortable flow with it, I know exactly what I’m doing on it. At least in my way – I wouldn’t say I know exactly what I’m doing on the MASCHINE but I found ways around it haha.  But everything is kind of MASCHINE based because it’s so amazing to sample on – it’s very quick and easy and it’s so easy to get the story or the song out of your head and into the program. You don’t have to sit there for ages to chop the little tiniest bits of audio like… like on the 404 to chop that one bit of the kick or whatever, the MASCHINE is very, very quick.

Your new album “Minutes” has just dropped. Fill us in on how that came about.
Yeah I had the concept in my head – obviously since I finished my last album and I was like “ohh new album” – but I had a pretty crazy year, lots of stuff going on and I’ve just been so inspired to kind of tighten up my sound and step out of the zone I was comfortable in. I was really stuck for about 6 months after my last album and I couldn’t write music. I finally went travelling again and I came back and started making all this music and I was like “this is so f**kin good”.
I knew I wanted “Minutes” to happen, I just didn’t know what I wanted it to be, and I’m so glad it turned out the way it did, because I’m really happy with how it worked out

And in true hip hop style you’ve released it vinyl and cassette!
YES! Vinyl and cassette. I mean, why not? I wanted physical copies and cassettes are a really big thing in our community. I just feel like it’s a nod to mixtape days – it’s that old school sound. And, I got that old school flavour, so it made sense to release it on vinyl and cassette and not just digital.

What’s next for SADIVA?
I got a Melbourne International Jazz Festival gig coming up on June 1st, which is free in Footscray and then the next day I fly out to Japan for two weeks – touring over there with Lab Co. So that’s going to be a lot of fun, and then back to America in October – I haven’t announced that yet, but yeah it’s coming.






Top photo taken by Daria Yakina 

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