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Arturia’s product catalog stretches far and wide these days. From their ‘V-Collection‘ virtual instrument suite, to their  ‘Brute‘ range of analog synths, to their  ‘Step’ range of sequencer/controllers, Arturia manage to maintain an impressively high standard of quality and innovation in every category.

For the past few years they’ve been equally applying their expertise and attention to detail to the world of software effects culminating in a library which rivals their own V-Collection package in terms of scope and quality. Their latest all-encompassing bundle, FX Collection 2 raises the total plugin count from 15 to 22, and brings with it some tasty updates to existing plugins in the form of new presets and added functionality.

The big headliners for this latest release are the three new ‘Bus FX’ plugins which are suitable for anything from individual instruments, to groups of instruments such as drums, synths, guitars etc, or even entire mixes.

  • Bus FORCE – a powerful original parallel processor with 4 distinct modules: Filter, EQ, Compressor, and Saturation. Your new go-to mixing plugin.
  • Comp DIODE-609 – Based on the iconic Neve™ stereo compressor and limiter with a distinctly characterful crunchy response – great for drums.
  • EQ SITRAL-295 – A classic stereo EQ with gentle musical curves and warm transistor feel, based on the coveted ‘70s Siemens™ broadcast console

These are really impressive plugins in terms of sound, look, and practicality. EQ SITRAL-295 is a great, warm sounding EQ for any occasion, Comp DIODE-609 is your classic big sounding stereo compressor with parallel processing, ideal for any track, group or mix.

Last but not least, Bus FORCE is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The suite of integrated modules: EQ, Filter, Compressor and Saturation can replace a whole chain of individual plugins, and the internal routing and parallel processing options via the multiple signal paths make it super quick and easy to achieve what would otherwise be fairly complicated mixing maneuvers. It sounds great top to bottom, and it’s the kind of effect you’ll use again and again for any type of mix. Check out our First Look video for examples of these three new Bus FX plugins.

FX Collection 2 also includes the Three modulation FX we looked at recently, as well as the fabulous Roland Juno-6 2-mode chorus:

  • Chorus DIMENSION-D – Simple 4-mode operation for beautifully smooth stereo chorus in one click, with perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.
  • Phaser BI-TRON – An elusive dual phaser that oozes boutique guitar pedal charm, with two phasing circuits and advanced routing options.
  • Flanger BL-20 – A rare & unique studio gem that goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time.
  • Chorus JUN-6 – Based on the classic Juno chorus for massive stereo richness, analog warmth, and subtle movement at the touch of a button.

This is in addition to all of the effects from the previous FX Collection bundle, each of which admittedly deserve more attention than we can squeeze into this article, but check our previous First Look at the 3 x Reverb effects for more info:

  • 3 x Reverbs – Reverb INTENSITY, Rev PLATE-140, Rev SPRING-636
  • 3 x Delays – Delay ETERNITY, Delay TAPE-201, Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE
  • 3 x Filters – Filter MINI, Filter SEM, Filter M12
  • 3 x Compressors – Comp FET-76, Comp VCA-65, Comp TUBE-STA
  • 3 x Preamps – Pre 1976, Pre TridA, Pre 1973

Then there are a variety of additional updates:

200+ new presets

FX Collection 2 comes with freshly-designed presets for almost every plugin in the collection, making it easier than ever to tweak on the fly and find the sonic magic you need.

NKS ready

Every title in FX Collection now works with Native Kontrol Standard for a fluid workflow alongside the rest of your virtual instruments and effects. 

Other updates

  • Delay TAPE-201 – Delay TAPE-201 now has multiple preamp options: no preamp, the original RE-201 preamp, and a newly-modeled Germanium preamp for that signature crunch.
  • Enhanced in-app tutorials – Get familiar with each plugin with newly-integrated tutorials and tips, covering every parameter and component in detail.
  • Refined preset browser – FX Collection 2 features the same intuitive preset browser as V Collection, offering streamlined browsing, filtering, and saving of your favorite

All in all, this is a truly impressive and comprehensive collection of virtual processors suited to a huge range of applications. Chances are you’ll be using these plugins all the time from everyday mixing, to special effect processing, even tracking thanks to the great preamps and reverb plugins.

Arturia’s FX Collection 2 is available at a special introductory price of $399 AUD ($299 USD) until June 30th for all new and existing Arturia customers so jump in quick!

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