Arturia Announce Return of Black Edition BeatStep, BeatStep Pro and KeyStep

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This morning Arturia have announced another limited run of black editions of their popular KeyStep, BeatStep, and BeatStep Pro controllers/sequencers. 

These editions also come with 3 patch cables so you can get patching with analogue gear without having to purchase cables separately. Otherwise, they are completely identical to the standard white units. The black editions have proven to be exceptionally popular in previous runs, and get snapped up quick smart, so we’d advise you to hassle your local retailer to secure one for you if you’re partial to the darker aesthetic.

With the Arturia BeatStep, BeatStep Pro and KeyStep being announced in 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively, there’s been some chatter about what Arturia’s next move with the ‘Step’ range could look like. They’ve been incredibly popular in the modular synth world — the BeatStep Pro with it’s 8 trigger ouputs especially — but there’s always room for development.


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