Arturia BeatStep Pro Gets New Features In Firmware Update

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Since its release the Arturia BeatStep Pro has found a home in many live performer’s rigs and studio setups. And now with a V2.0 firmware update, the BeatStep Pro adds some new tricks up its sleeve.

To show off these new features, Arturia have released five short and informative demonstration videos.

Video 1: The PolyRhythm Mode

Video 2: The New Roller/Arpeggio

Video 3: Pattern Chaining

Video 4: Randomness & Step Addition

Video 5: Drum Tie-Note Function & Korg Volca Compatibility

Complete List of New BeatStep Pro V2.0 Firmware Features

  • New Polyrhythm Mode for the Drum Sequencer
  • New Roller/Arpeggio Function
  • Reworked Pattern Chaining saving and recall
  • Octave Randomisation
  • Faster Step Editing using the pads rather than the knobs
  • New clock format for perfect synchronisation with the sequencers in the Korg Volca range
  • Customisation of MIDI channels for each track of the Drum Sequencer independently from others. This will allow you to use the full potential of the Volca Sample, and build complex multi-instrument setups
  • The velocity CV outputs can now be rescaled to comply more effectively with the greatest number of devices & modules.
  • When using the looper by holding the touchstrip, you can now move the starting point of the loop simply by pushing one of the step buttons.
  • You can now clear individually the tracks of the Drum sequencer by holding [SHIFT] plus pushing the step button [2] and then pressing one of the pads.
  • From now on, the Drum sequencer also allows you to tie steps which can be very effective when using some tracks to trigger sustained notes or samples
  • Global Tempo Mode that allows you to keep the same tempo when switching from a project to another
  • Improved stability and accuracy of the sequencer reducing the jitter to an imperceptible level.

Arturia have also provided a cheat sheet detailing how to access these new features. You can download it here.

To update your BeatStep Pro, make sure you have the latest version of the Arturia MIDI Control Center, and follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

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