Arturia MicroFreak: Overview & Demo

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Earlier this year, Arturia announced the MicroFreak – a Paraphonic Hybrid synthesiser featuring a digital oscillator, an analogue filter with a touch capacitive keyboard, reminiscent of the Don Buchla Music Easel.

The MicroFreak’s digital oscillator is the heart and soul of this synth and features a variety of different oscillator modes, capable of producing many different types of waveforms. It features an analogue 12dB filter inspired by the Oberheim SEM filter, with 3 different modes HPF, BPF, and LPF.

Combine this with a host of modulations capabilities including a cycling envelope and a modulation matrix along with a 64-step pattern sequencer, arpeggiator and capacitive keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch – you’ve got a recipe for a unique sounding synth indeed.

Check out our overview and demo video below.

Check out the MicroFreak via the ARTURIA Website here or better yet – try one in person at your local Arturia Dealer.

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