Arturia Round Out FX Plugin Range with Three New Reverbs & FX Bundle Pack

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Arturia have announced not one, but four new software products this week: 3 all new reverb plugins, plus a new flagship FX Collection which packs all 15 of Arturia’s imminently practical effect plugins. 

Arturia are perhaps as equally well known for their hardware synthesisers as they are for their software instruments, both of which are held in extremely high regard in their respective fields. You may have noticed that Arturia’s product range has grown recently to include audio interfaces (under the AudioFuse moniker) and also software effects. 

The latter category was kicked off with a trio of filter plugins drawing directly from the analog modelled componentry of their software synthesiser line described as ‘3 filters you’ll actually use’. These weren’t simply extracted parts from their existing products however, they were (and are) full featured effect processors brimming with functionality boasting a wide range of creative applications Next was bundles of classic preamps, followed by compressors and more recently delays. Now with the addition of 3 reverb devices, their FX plugin line is looking pretty comprehensive so it makes perfect sense to bundle them all together in one massive offering, much as they do with synthesisers in their heralded V-Collection synthesiser box set. 

REV Plate-140

While V-Collection has all of your composition and performance bases covered, the FX Collection is aimed more at the mixing stage. If you fancy the idea of being engulfed in a swarm of classic, well maintained outboard studio gear all patched up ready to go, this package is going to be right up your alley. 

Whether you need a valve compressor for a snare drum, a classic mic preamp and tape delay for a vocal, an overdriven spring reverb for a guitar or synth (I could go on for a while here)  the FX Collection absolutely has you covered. It’s hard to think of a more comprehensive collection of mixing tools, and as Arturia continuously reiterates, these are genuinely practical tools that you will use time and time again. 

REV Spring-636

Each product category, be it filters, delays, reverbs, preamps or compressors is represented comprehensively with both classic and often modern (or even futuristic) models being supplied. In the case of the classic models, these offer both an authentic ‘simple’ representation, as well as a highly embellished ‘advanced’ mode which adds plenty of modern bells and whistles should you want to defy physics, not to mention chronology.  

REV Intensity

While the majority of the 15 plugins from the FX collection are modelled directly on classic pieces of studio gear (or instruments in the case of the filters), Arturia have slipped in two of their own original creations designed for those circumstances when no existing piece of studio hardware can quite meet your creative demands. The Delay ETERNITY and Reverb INTENSITY plugins off an absolutely exhaustive number of parameters including multiple modulation sources such as LFOs, function generators and envelope followers as well as multi-mode pre and post effect filters. 

The only downside to this monstrous bundle of sonic goodness may be the learning curve involved, but for many this will be an enjoyable part of the experience. If you are at all perturbed by the notion of learning 15 classic and futuristic processor interfaces, fret not most of the plugins contain their own interactive tutorial which will get you up and running quickly, and all feature a generous assortment of well crafted and labeled presets. 

The Arturia FX Collection is available now from Arturia’s website at a special introductory price and free demos versions are available for you to audition via download via Arturia’s site. 

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