Arturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio Interfaces

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Namm 2019 shapes up to be a great event for new product announcements with Arturia today unveiling two new additions to their AudioFuse Interface range with the AudioFuse 8Pre and the AudioFuse Studio.

AudioFuse 8Pre

What we know is that the AudioFuse is both a feature-rich standalone interface and a reliable ADAT preamp expander in one, packing 8 channels of premium analogue audio, ADAT and Wordclock sync, USB-C and multiple options of connectivity.

Features at a glance:

  • Record 8 Ins in one shot with the USB mode
  • Expand your actual configuration with 8 more Ins with the ADAT mode
  • Discrete Pro analogue ins
  • 8 line out
  • Speakers Outputs
  • Phone Output 1/4” inch and 1/8” inch sized
  • USB-C interface compatible with PC & Mac, fully USB 2.0 compatible
  • 2 analogue balanced inserts on channel 1&2
  • Cascade 2 AudioFuse 8Pre and build a 16 ins/Outs recording solution
  • 8 high end Discrete Pro© preamps that feed high  quality AKM Premium A/D converters
  • Double ADAT for 8 digital In & Out up to 24bits / 96khz
  • Wordclock BNC In & OutArturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio InterfacesArturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio InterfacesWe believe the AudioFuse 8Pre comes complete with an AudioFuse Creative Suite, a collection of software effects and instruments that will let you add your own unique signature to your music with favorites from Arturia’s 3 Preamps “You’ll Actually Use”, Analog Lab Lite, MiniFilter and other upcoming Arturia Software effects.

Due in Australia Late April/May 2019

AudioFuse Studio

The AudioFuse Studio is definitely versatile with 4 world-class preamps, a range of connectivity, and a host of clever design features.  As well as the 4 Discrete Pro inputs, there are 4 line outputs, 4 analog insert points, ADAT I/O, SPDIF I/O, Word Clock, USB-C and MIDI, and a 3-port USB hub, because you can never have too many USB slots!

Arturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio InterfacesFeatures at a glance:

  • 4 Discrete Pro Mic Preamps
  • 4 analog insert points
  • ADAT I/O
  • Wordclock
  • USB-C connectivity
  • MIDI IN and OUT
  • Bluetooth receiver

AudioFuse Creative Suite with preamps, filters, Analog Lab Lite, and more…

Arturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio Interfaces

Arturia Unveil New AudioFuse 8Pre & Studio Audio InterfacesDue in Australia Late April/May 2019

Arturia is Distributed in Australia by CMI Music & Audio

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