Arturia Announce Vintage Filter & Preamp Emulation Plugins

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Not content with incredible sounding vintage synthesiser software emulations, French manufacturers Arturia have announced their family of software filters: the Mini-Filter based on Moog’s iconic ladder filter,  SEM-Filter based on Oberheim’s legendary SEM multi-mode filter, and M12-Filter based on Oberheim’s later expanded multi-mode filter from the Matrix 12 synth. Also announced are their entirely new range of pre-amp plugins: 1973-Pre based on a classic ’70s Neve console, TridA-Pre based on the mysterious Trident A Console of Trident Studios, and V76-Pre based on the legendary Telefunken pre-amps used at Abbey Road Studios in its hey day.

As is standard for software emulations, limitations of the original hardware have been ditched in favour of expanded functionality for the modern musician. In the filter plugin range Arturia have bolstered the excellent sounding emulations with a whole slew of useful features – modulation matrixes, sequencers, LFOs, noise oscillators – you name it. Calling them mere filters seems inaccurate, they’re more like an effects rack based around a filter.  The pre-amps also feature modern upgrades, like continuous parameter control rather than stepped, upgraded EQ routing, automatic gain control and more depending on the plug-in.

Check out the Arturia website for all the details, free trials are available for download too, so give ’em a whirl. 

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