First Look: Arturia V Collection 7’s New CZ V, Synthi V & Mellotron V Instruments

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Arturia have just announced the new edition of their software instrument suite, V Collection 7, adding 3 new instruments and a range of updates to their existing stable. Now up to 24 seperate synthesiser/keys instruments, V Collection adds recreations of the Casio CZ series phase distortion synthesisers, the legendary Mellotron and the bizarre British semi-modular EMS Synthi AKS synth. Updates include a full update to Analog Lab and an overhaul of the Hammond B3 organ, as well as 800 new presets for the othe pre-existing instruments. Tristan got hands on with the new instruments this week, check out his video demo overview below:

Synthi V

I think it’s fair to say, owning an original hardware Synthi is probably out of reach of most of us synth nerds. Made famous by the intro to Pink Floyd’s classic On The Run, Synthi V features 3 oscillators, an 18db/oct resonant filter and a spring reverb — but most notable is its Battleship inspired pin modulation matrix, that provides a hands on interface for experimental routings. The Synthi V will be at home amongst fellow ’60s/’70s oddities, the Buchla Easel V and (Moog) Modular V within V Collection.


Recreating a Casio from the ’80s might leave some scratching their heads (it’s a far cry from an EMS Synthi after-all), but Casio were really onto something with their phase distortion CZ series synths, and became a cult classic that was low on price and big on sound — sitting somewhere between an FM synth and analogue synth in timbre. Obviously, being a budget friendly range of synths, the CZs had some limitations, and of course, Arturia have promptly done away with them. The CZ V features 32 voices, extended multi-segment loopable envelopes, 2 synthesis lines, 4 FX slots and advanced modulation routings make this one tough Casio.

Mellotron V

What is there to say about the Mellotron? Three words mostly: Strawberry Fields Forever.  But really, this is a valuable addition to the range, the mechanical tape-based instrument was a revelation in the ’60s and came to define a sound of the era.  Of course, Arturia wouldn’t be Arturia if they didn’t tastefully give the instrument an upgrade with they were recreating it. Perhaps most of note, is the sample import feature, meaning you can have Mellotrons signature mechanical noise and tape flutter on any sound you like. Lofi enthusiasts take note.

The full V Collection suite now consists of Buchla Easel V, (Moog) Mini V, (Oberheim) Matrix-12 V, Solina V,  (Oberheim) SEM V,  (Roland) Jup-8 V, ARP 2600 V, (Yamaha) CS-80 V, (Sequential Circuits) Prophet V, (Moog) Modular V, (Fairlight) CMI V, (Yamaha) DX7 V, Synclavier V, (Casio) CZ V, Clavinet V, Piano V, Stage-73 V, Farfisa V, Wurli V, VOX Continental V, Mellotron V and the (Hammond) B-3 V. That’s an astonishing range of classic keys instruments that’s for sure!

Get all the info and the introductory discounted offers via Arturia here

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