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Today the blue pill of Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) is not less recognizable in commercials, on the advertising posters and on pharmacy stalls than any other brand-name consumer goods, widely advertised in mass media. The first reason why is the statistics on erectile dysfunction in male patients of different age categories all over the world. The matter is that high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol, so often observed in male patients by health professionals today, as well as even more serious health problems of the kind of spinal cord injuries or prostate cancer in most cases result in erectile dysfunction in men. Even if we leave out of account people with serious health disorders, we cannot deny the fact that unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption combined with stress, nervous exhaustion and depressions in any case cannot be the guarantee of quality sex and full and trouble-free sex life.

Viagra pills became so popular not only on the reason of the growing demand for this ED treatment medicine in the conditions of modern fussy and stressful everyday life with the constant lack of healthy foods in daily men’s dieting and few time for proper daily health care and sport activities they have today (which leads to their being less confident while having sex). Viagra enjoys wide popularity among men patients and continues to be in the range of top ED treatment drugs in the US and abroad because it is very effective, easy-to-use and safe medicine keeping a good reputation on the healthcare goods market for more than 10 years since the time it was put on sale in pharmacies in the US and in Europe.

Patients taking Viagra give preference to this drug due to its long-lasting (about 4 hours) effect, providing the men patients with proper erection while having sex. Viagra works on a very simple and natural principle, regulating the blood flow in the penis, so the effect of the drug (in case the patients follow all the recommendations on the Viagra intake) don’t cause any unpredictable or undesirable reactions of the patient’s body to this medicine.

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Australian pharmacy: Viagra to enhance potency

At all times, people of different nations and ages resorted to means that improve virility. To date, rapid technological progress promotes the development of a new generation drug. For millions of men around the world, including Australia, Viagra provided the effect.

Viagra embodied male dreams of good health and harmonious life. This is the drug to increase potency and treat impotence. Its operation is as follows: expanding penile blood vessels, the substance leads to an increased blood flow and the onset of erection. Note: the drug is efficient only with sexual arousal.

Compared with injections in a genital organ or other procedures to treat impotence, relatively cheap Viagra features a number of advantages. It offers a convenient way to restore potency when it is needed, without resorting to medication. Though, mind some consequences. Viagra helps only in potency disorders caused by psychological problems. In case of any physiological issues, the drug is unable to eliminate the disease.

Is it safe to take Viagra no prescription? Immediately after release, controversy about the dangers of Viagra sparked. Opinions were divided. Surely, there are a lot of contraindications, including:  allergic reactions to the drug components;  falciform-cell anemia;  multiple myeloma;  penile deformation or disease;  leukemia;  diseases accompanied by bleeding and stomach ulcer;

Though, the data is not hidden. Lucky to order Viagra online? Be sure to carefully read a patient information leaflet. People tend to ignore consulting a doctor. Uncontrolled use can lead to male infertility. You know, Viagra is an affordable tool often used by healthy young men just to increase sexual sensation and number of sexual acts per night. This may promote addiction, and hence inability to receive erection naturally.

People predisposed to cardiovascular disease should take the drug carefully. Scientific studies showed Viagra can cause thrombosis. Note: the tests were performed on blood cells. Therefore, speaking of any scientific proof on Viagra connection with blood clots is rather early. Going to buy Viagra right now? There is another fact to consider. When one’s potency dramatically increases, the body faces heightened load. So, men with weak heart should better be cautious, since the load affects heart muscle. All the data presented here does not indicate the drug is generally dangerous. Use a wise approach and take your time.

Viagra in Australia

You all probably know the contents and all technical and operational issues of this preparation so we are not going to bore you. Let’s speak about the history of Viagra invention, this topic seems to be really interesting!

There is a city with an unpronounceable name – Merthyr Tydfil – located in Wales. All the men should be thankful to those scientists who were developing here a new remedy against sore throat. They were trying to get something effective, safe and affordable but unfortunately the tests failed. Anyway, these guys discovered a very interesting side effect (caused by sildenafil). And they chose the right time to introduce a new preparation and make the whole world happier.

The new product appeared on market in the beginning of 1990-s when people started moving less and working more. Sedentary life-style altogether with heavy stress made the request “cheap Viagra” or “Viagra without prescription” one of the most popular requests in Google and other search systems.

Viagra operates simply and efficiently. It makes blood go to the penis area in order to normalize circulation – it is well-known that erectile dysfunction and impotency are caused by problems with blood circulation. The effect is temporarily but it is definitely much better than nothing at all especially when no one knows how to treat impotency. It is hard to predict when scientists and pharmacists will be able to solve this problem somehow but we should be happy that everyone can have normal and healthy sexual life due to Viagra and that bunch of amazing people that occasionally discovered it. It is quite unfair that no one has still not put any memorial or statue of them, isn’t it?

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