Big Brands Embrace Eurorack

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For many, eurorack modular synthesizers are hardly a new thing. For years the market has been steadily growing. There are now hundreds of boutique manufacturers making everything from old-time radio simulators to distortion circuits that run through real dirt! 

Yep, euro in booming and it’s about to get even bigger. A few years ago synth giant Roland announced that they were jumping in the euro-ring with the Aira Modular and System 500 range. The modules in both ranges were met with mixed emotions. Nevertheless the stage was set. A big time synth player had committed to a market previously dominated by boutique companies. Of course at that time there were some big-ish companies manufacturing eurorack, (Doepfer etc), but none as big or as widely known as Roland. Last week CDM reported that Roland were set to expand their eurorack range. CDM spotted the new modules at Musikmesse, and it looks like the we can expect four new modules: 505 Dual VCF, 555 LAG / S&H, 531 Mix & 510 Synth.

But Roland aren’t the only big name player that has entered into the euro market as of late. Just this week the infamous Uli Behringer announced that his brand would be releasing a range of budget Eurorack modules with a target price between $49 and $99. The modules look to be based on the Roland’s classic (and highly collectible) System-100.This news comes on the back of Arturia’s new affordably priced eurorack cases and the highly touted Minibrute 2, released earlier this year. The Minibrute 2 continues the trend towards semi-modular designs exhibited by the big players (see Roland’s System 1m and Moog Mother 32 etc). Dave Smith instruments, Moog and also have all released modules and/or semi modular system in the past few years.

Big Brands Embrace Eurorack
Big Brands Embrace Eurorack
Big Brands Embrace Eurorack
Big Brands Embrace Eurorack

However, it’s not just the big synth manufacturers that have been seduced by the allure of eurorack. Earlier this year guitar pedal masterminds Strymon released the Magneto, a module which brings their famous tape delay to euro format. In similar fashion Eventide released the Euro DDL in 2017 Eventide released the Euro DDL.

So who will be next? We would love to see Korg enter the eurorack market. An MS20 filter module perhaps? Or maybe an Elektron eurorack sequencer? Only time will tell

Big Brands Embrace Eurorack
Behringer's Planned Euro Modules

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