BIGSOUND 2019: Ableton x Noisegate Artists to Watch – Part 3

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BIGSOUND starts tomorrow! 3 Days and a hell-of-a-lot-of music. Are you heading in to learn the ways of the music industry and check out all the presentations and workshops? If so, check out the events that we’re hosting with our friends at Ableton here, here, here and here.  If you’re just heading to the festival nights to enjoy the sights and sounds, then read on friends. There’s 90 gigs on tomorrow. It’s gonna be a big 3 days, so here’s a few more artists to check out.    

Oh Boy

Did you ever think electronic music could be this silky smooth? Oh Boy’s creative take on RnB/Hip-Hop/Pop is a sonic tapestry weaved with beautifully crafted beats, instrumentation and mood-setting samples and field recordings. Fellow connoisseurs of smooth Cub Sport (whom you may remember from this outstanding Kanye West ‘Like a Version’) guest on this track.

Mickey Kojak

Mickey Kojak’s posi-party tunes are no nonsense bangers, full of classic synth sounds and vocals that bring back the neon soaked nights of the early naughties. Is indie dance/electro clash/blog house back in vogue? Judging by how fresh this sounds, it feels like it could very well be.


This track ticks so many boxes it’s ridiculous. An absolutely cracking beat adds a weight and depth to vocalist Neil Morris’ verses about the grim past, present and future of indigenous people in Australia.  Morris is also the presenter of  Triple R’s Still Here, showcasing indigenous Australian music, past and present. It’s so good to see more and more incredible indigenous talent bursting through and getting the support it deserves.


ZĀN’s here’s to bring the pizzazz of ’90s R&B back, and hot dayum they’ve really got a cool sultry sound together here. ZĀN’s voice shines on this track, demonstrating their impressive range and flexibility – in fact I’m getting a bit of a Prince vibe. Combined with the slinky swung beats and warm production, it’s a super impressive and cohesive sound.


Blending a neo-soul style vocal delivery with a pop sensibility in the song-writing is always a smart move, but one that doesn’t happen a whole lot. Fortunately DVNA’s been busy pumping jams out of her Gold Coast bedroom, and jams they are.  It’s early days in DVNA’s career, but not for long we suspect.

Japanese Wallpaper

Everything about Japanese Wallpaper’s music feels considered and meticulously arranged. It’s deceptively complex pop music, and that deception is a real achievement of clever songwriting and production. It also takes a while, which is probably the reason there’s not been a lot of Japanese Wallpaper music (aside from remixes) since the release of his Forces EP in 2016. But! His upcoming debut album ‘Glow’ has just been announced, so you’d have to assume BIGSOUND punters will be getting a bit fat preview of that. Exciting times.

There’s still time to grab a ticket to BIGSOUND before it’s over, follow the link get amongst it!

Want our full list of recs? No worries, we’ve put together a handy Spotify Playlist for you.



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