Blackstar Announce Unity Elite U–700H Bass Amp & Cab Range

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UK Guitar Amp Gurus Blackstar have just announced the ‘Unity Elite’ line of bass amps. A 700-watt head combined with the range of 3 cabinets brings the Blackstar bass offering into the gigging realm. Forward-thinking features and clean aesthetics instantly make you take this line up seriously, but what’s the deal?

The seven hundred watts lightweight head is solid in construction and comes with a sturdy, padded carry bag. This is a cool addition as it is generally an aftermarket purchase for amps in this range. The head continues on the ‘Unity’ vibe with onboard response/effects/drives holding a familiar front panel if you have played the range previously. I have to say one of the stand-out features of the head has to be the USB connectivity, a heap of bassists look to mirror their live tone in a studio setting and this makes it super easy. Mix a mic’d cab tone with the direct USB tone for the best of both dynamics whilst using the head as your direct connection to your DAW.

Blackstar U700HThere are a couple of unique features on the head you may not find anywhere else – extensive built-in effects being one. An octave and chorus effect can be used and even activated with a footswitch, dial in the amount of each on the rear of the unit. The ‘Response’ section dials in an EQ flavour found with each 6L6 / 6550 valve setting plus a ‘Linear’ setting keeping it nice and flat. An onboard compressor really tightens up your tone with the amount of compression achievable with the turn of a dial. Finally, a three-stage drive engine can be used with the input gain knob to really add grit to your tone, overdrive/distortion/fuzz available here. Use the front end voice switch to achieve a heap of tones.

Finally, the cabinets come in 2×10 / 1×15 / 4×10 configs and house a selection of Eminence ceramic drivers, a solid wood construction keeping the cab super strong and not too heavy either. Definitely worth checking out for bassists looking for more in their rig!

Unity Elite Bass CabsExpect to pay:

Unity Bass 700 Head $1,099.00 $599.00
Unity Bass 4 x 10 Cabinet $1,649.00 $1,099.00
Unity Bass 2 x 10 Cabinet $1,149.00 $799.00
Unity Bass 1 x 15 Cabinet $1,049.00 $699.00

Note: Australians, please be aware that US prices do not include shipping, GST or customs duties. Be sure to check exchange rates and associated fees with your chosen payment portal when buying in foreign currency – It’s quite often better to buy local!

Unity Elite Head-Cab

Available through Blackstar Australia dealers

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