Boys Noize, Baseck and SSF Collaborate on Wild New Eurorack Module: Triptych

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Steady State Fate have teamed with a new joint venture from electronic artists Boys Noize and Baseck called BII to give us the Triptych, a completely ridiculous module of sonic destruction. 

Triptych combines distortion, an analog multimode filter, VCAs with characterful saturation and a comb filter – which is an analog BBD delay chip. If you’ve ever watched one of Baseck’s video on YouTube or Instagram, this is basically him encapsulated in a eurorack module.  The trio of effects are internally re-routable, with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers. From distortion to karplus-strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool – from subtle to extreme via a fully analog signal path.

It’s great to see more manufacturers exploring Comb filtering and getting creative with it, it’s a bizarrely under-explored effect, more often a side function of a delay module when delay times are set mega short with the feedback turned up.


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BII’s mission is to channel their wealth of ideas and creativity into Eurorack module design and work with manufacturers of their choosing to make their ideas a reality, SSF being their first port of call. Not unlike what Divkid has done with his module designs, collaborating with Instruo and Befaco.

Triptych is available now, but looks to be flying off the shelves so get in quick!

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