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Free Download: Baby Audio Magic Switch

Free Download: Baby Audio Magic Switch Micro-Plugin Chorus Effect

BABY Audio is offering their micro-plugin “Magic Switch’” from their Super VHS plugin as a free stand-alone effect. Magic Switch plugin offers a lush one-button chorus effect loosely inspired by classic 1980s Japanese designs, but developed with modern-day users in mind: Quote from Baby Audio:

Free Download: Ableton Live Generative MIDI Racks by Sonic Bloom

Berlin-based certified Ableton Live trainer Madeleine Bloom is a constant source of inspiration to the Ableton Live users in the team here at Noisegate, and her latest free download is a doozy. 3 fully macro’d MIDI effect racks that will take a simple one-note midi

Free Download: Sender Spike’s SN03-G Tape Recorder Plugin (PC only)

Sender Spike is an independent developer dedicated to releasing free, high quality music tools — and their latest is no exception. The SN03-G Tape Recorder plugin emulates the character and saturation of vintage tape machines in a highly CPU-friendly package. Why tackle something that’s been

Max For Live Roundup: Ten FREE Ableton Devices Worth A Look

With its Max programming language integration, Ableton Live is a tinkerer’s dream. Musician’s are not limited by the effects, sequencers, instruments and mixing utilities included with Ableton — if you can think up a device, odds are it can be custom built within the Max