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Ibanez and Steve Vai Unveil the One-of-a-Kind Hydra Guitar

Steve Vai and Ibanez Guitars have revealed “The Hydra.” This one-of-a-kind instrument is the result of a five-year collaborative effort. It’s a one-body, two-headstock, three-necked beast with 7 and 12-string guitars, a 4-string bass, 13 sympathetic harp strings, half-fretless necks, single-coil, humbucking, piezo, MIDI, and

Guide to Setting Up your Guitar Pedal Board

So, you have just decided to delve into the bottomless pit that is putting together a pedalboard. You’ve thought about what sounds you want, and you have gone out and bought half a dozen shiny new (or perhaps worn and vintage) effects pedals. You’ve got

ESP Release New 2022 LTD Guitar Range: Phase 1

ESP just announced their first massive wave of new guitars, let us take a look at the new ESP 2022 LTD collection that have us licking our lips in anticipation of their arrival in Australia. ESP Guitars announced 43 new guitar models to start 2022

ESP LTD Shred their 87’ Series with Rainbow Crackle Finish

ESP’s 87’ series models get a facelift with the electrifying Rainbow Crackle finish. The Eclipse ’87, Eclipse ’87 NT, M-1 Custom ‘87, Mirage Deluxe ‘87, and Surveyor ’87 bass have all been finished with this era-correct shred-tastic paint job. ESP has never held back when

Blackstar Release Dept. 10 Range – Three New Valve Driven Guitar Pedals

Blackstar Amplification, known for their innovative design and feature set, has just released its new ‘Dept.10’ pedal range! Dept. 10 offers three valve-driven ECC83 (commonly known as 12AX7) pedals that provide the natural and dynamic tone you’d expect from a high-powered valve amplifier, combined with

NuMetal Guitar Feature

How to Get That Nu Metal Guitar Sound: Breaking the Rules

Labels can often be detrimental to a genre of music, and they sure have been unkind to one of Metals most commercially successful offshoots; Nu Metal. Are they warranted, not always! However daft Nu Metal appears on the surface, underneath the questionable fashion choices and

Tips on Choosing the Best Guitar Pickups

Let’s get straight to the point, we’re going to talk about guitar pickups, the variations in pickups, why you would use different types of pickups and guitars for distinctive tones. We do have our favourites but there have definitely been occasions where we have used

Alexi Hailo Guitars

New ESP/LTD Alexi Laiho Ripped and Hexed Signature Guitar Series

Alexi Laiho, a visionary who brought melody and flamboyance to metal music in the post-grunge and nu-metal eras, was one of the world’s most beloved and influential personalities in metal music. In Alexi’s remembrance, ESP has launched the final guitars created by the Children of

UAFX Control Mobile App for iOS and Android Now Available 

Universal Audio’s impressive line of UAFX effect pedals now have a free companion mobile app for iOS and Android. The UAFX Control Mobile App connects directly to UAFX pedals via Bluetooth giving quick access to advanced customization features such as bypass routing options, footswitch modes and

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