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2021 NAMM ‘Believe In Music’ Week Wrap Up

It’s the pilgrimage that every music gear-head loves, the NAMM Winter Show. Every year in January, the world gets to see a heap of hot new products and announcements all from Los Angeles, USA. So, you’d be excused if you were confused by NAMM this year, it went completely virtual and the name

New Ibanez Steve Vai PIA3761 Guitar: Over to the Dark Side

As a successor to the JEM series, the  Made in Japan Ibanez Steve Vai PIA guitar model was originally launched at NAMM 2020. The all too familiar bright finishes were very prominent but now much to the delight of guitarists worldwide and as as a

Aguilar Announce DCB P & J Hum-Cancelling Bass Pickups

Bass lords Aguilar have just announced the Dual Ceramic Bar range in their Jazz and P Bass housing configurations. These passive, hum-cancelling pickups can slot right into your passive bass without any further tinkering / routing needed. The dual ceramic bars instantly produce a hotter signal

ESP 2021 Guitar and Bass Range Highlights & Special Event

With the final phase of their announcements released over the weekend, lets take a look at a few highlights across the ESP 2021 LTD and E-II ranges that have been making our hands clammy with anticipation (or maybe it’s just that it’s 38 degrees celsius