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Fanned Fret Basses-Multi Scale The Low Down

Fanned Fret Basses-The Low Down

[addtoany] The Fanned fret bass, also known as Multi-Scale instantly look out of whack and are a little daunting when you try them out for the first time, the truth is they are surprisingly comfortable and not overly hard to get used to! The last
DigiTech FreqOut: Feedback Creation Pedal

DigiTech FreqOut: Natural Feedback Creation Pedal

What is the Digitech FreqOut? Guitarists are always chasing the ultimate perfect tone, and a substantial part of that is SUSTAIN and FEEDBACK. Sustain is self-explanatory, but feedback could mean subtle hints of harmonics cascading about the notes to down-right screaming coming from a guitar's face-to-face
Kirk Hammett LTD Signature Series KH Demonology

Kirk Hammett LTD KH Demonology Heading Downunder

Coming soon to Australia is the latest Kirk Hammett LTD Signature Series guitar: the KH Demonology. As ESP/LTD say themselves: "Over its black finish are a number of sigils, which are ancient symbols reputed to be imbued with magical power that allows the owner to summon
The Scrambler from Ampeg, as demonstrated by The Bass Centre, Melbourne.

Bass Centre Melbourne x Ampeg Bass Pedals

Here are a couple of quick demo videos from The Bass Centre Melbourne, showing off the Ampeg Classic Preamp, and the Ampeg Scrambler Overdrive. No talk, all sound. Enjoy! Ampeg Classic DI: Features Delivers a wide range of authentic Ampeg tones Classic 3-band tone stack
The ESP LTD AP-402 Bass's classic look belies its versatility.

The ESP LTD AP-204 Bass: Classic Shape, Versatile Sound

The ESP LTD AP-204 basses embody the classic looks and feel of a vintage bass with the modern tonal palette of many newer basses. The PJ pickup configuration fitted with ESP’s own LDP/LDJ pickups provide the chance to merge or single out these classic pickup
The Digitech Drop pedal. Based on Digitech's legendary Whammy pedal.

TIMMKV Reviews the Digitech Drop Pedal

What is the DigiTech Drop? The DigiTech Drop is a polyphonic drop tune pedal that enables you to drop your tuning from one semitone all the way down to a full octave. In Use Drop tune pedals have been on the scene for a while
The DigiTech Mosaic

TIMMKV Reviews The DigiTech Mosaic Pedal

What is the DigiTech Mosaic? The DigiTech Mosaic is a pedal that emulates the lush tonal qualities of a 12-string acoustic guitar. The Mosaic gives your 6-string guitar an octave low and doubled high strings to give your chords a full, shimmering 12-string sound. Features
The Digitech Dirty Robot. Chunky, funky, and versatile.

Product Demo: The Digitech Dirty Robot

The Digitech Dirty Robot Synth pedal takes manipulating guitar & bass tones to the next level. Including octave, sub, envelope & square wave controls, the Dirty Robot lets you into a plethora of tonal detail needed to replicate fat, analogue synth tones. In recent resurrections
Bass Octave Pedals

Bass Pedal Shootout: MXR v BOSS v DOD

The octave effect is becoming a more and more staple addition to many bass players’ pedal-boards. With the market full of offerings from boutique high end brands to the mass produced stomp boxes we see in every music store, it can be pretty daunting when
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