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Unity Elite Feature

Blackstar Announce Unity Elite U–700H Bass Amp & Cab Range

UK Guitar Amp Gurus Blackstar have just announced the ‘Unity Elite’ line of bass amps. A 700-watt head combined with the range of 3 cabinets brings the Blackstar bass offering into the gigging realm. Forward-thinking features and clean aesthetics instantly make you take this line

Aguilar 7 Pedals Feature

Just Sounds: 7 Aguilar Bass Pedals in 7 Days

Like many of us over the last couple of weeks, I have been working from home. Whilst the couch and Playstation combo was extremely appealing I thought I’d better keep the creativity flowing. Before I left the office, I grabbed a heap of Aguilar pedals

Get King Buzzo Approved Gain with the New Hilbish Melvins Pessimiser

Buzz Osborne aka King Buzzo of Melvins has made grim grungey sludgey distortion his signature over the last 35+ years of shenanigans with Melvins, influencing seminal bands like Nirvana,  Sun O))), Soundgarden and just about anyone else who considered playing high-gain music at a slower