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ESP LTD EC-256 Eclipse Guitar – Overview & Demo

For the longest time, prestige guitars usually meant there was a price to match. But no more. The ESP LTD EC-256 Eclipse combines high-quality components, a professional look and feel without a daunting price tag. This guitar is perfect for those looking for a traditional


Just Sounds: KORG OD-S Nutube Overdrive Kit

The OD-S is the new and easily modifiable D.I.Y Overdrive pedal from KORG. To simply put it, it sounds great and the fact that you have to actually build the pedal yourself is both fun, easy and interesting. The OD-S is also loaded with a

First Look: Blackstar Core 30 Acoustic Amplifier

First Look: Blackstar Core 30 Acoustic Amplifier

Innovative guitar amp company Blackstar have set a new benchmark in compact, acoustic guitar amplification with the new Acoustic: Core 30. Thanks to its advanced sonics, easy-to-use layout and stacks of professional features. The Acoustic: Core’s design is based on Blackstar’s world-renowned ID: Core digital

Fender Announce New Flagship American Professional II Series of Evolved Classics

Fender has just announced an update to their flagship American Professional range, representing the highest quality off-the-rack guitars and basses in Fender’s most iconic shapes: the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass. The updates are, as you’d probably expect, subtle. Fender are clever

BEAM Feature

Blackstar B.E.A.M Amplifier – Overview & Demo

While the world is on pause for live shows, we’re sitting comfortably at home left to our own devices. Thankfully, Blackstar has such devices including the ID: Core B.E.A.M to keep us entertained and inspired. Consider the B.E.A.M to be a central hub to amplify

EQ2 Feature

First Look at Source Audio EQ2 Pedal: Sculpt Your Desired EQ

We managed to get our hands on one of the first Source Audio EQ2 pedals to hit the country a few weeks ago, boasting 10 fully adjustable frequency bands that allow you to sculpt your desired EQ paradise with further tweaking available in – you guessed it – the Neuro software app. But what does this pedal

Unity Elite Feature

Blackstar Announce Unity Elite U–700H Bass Amp & Cab Range

UK Guitar Amp Gurus Blackstar have just announced the ‘Unity Elite’ line of bass amps. A 700-watt head combined with the range of 3 cabinets brings the Blackstar bass offering into the gigging realm. Forward-thinking features and clean aesthetics instantly make you take this line