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KORG v NORD v Yamaha Feature

Stage Piano Comparison: Korg SV-2, Nord Piano 4 & Yamaha CP-88

In this video we put the Korg SV-2, Nord Piano 4 and Yamaha CP-88 stage pianos through their paces, comparing their sound quality, feel and features.   A few weeks back we took a ‘First Look’ at Korg’s new SV-2 Stage Piano, a major upgrade to their classic SV-1 introduced way back

Just Sounds: Modal Electronics ARGON8 Wavetable Synth

Just Sounds: Modal Electronics ARGON8 Wavetable Synthesiser

So what does the Modal Electronics ARGON8 Wavetable Synth sound like? Here is our “Just Sounds” Video that reveals just some of what this new synth is capable of. Stay tuned for our full review of the ARGON8 coming soon. More info:

The Return of Vector Synthesis

With the incoming Korg Wavestate re-introducing the term vector synthesis into the modern synth-nerd’s vernacular, it’s high time we explore just what the heck that means, and what it enables us to do. Vector synthesis was originally conceptualised and explored by Sequential Circuits on their

NAMM 2020: Qu-Bit Electronix Drop 4 New Creative Digital Modules

Some very interesting new Eurorack modules announced from Qu-Bit Electronix this morning, it feels like a lot of thought’s gone into their function and what people are looking for in the Eurorack world at the moment. Check em out: Aurora The Eurorack market is pretty