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TipTop Audio Revive Buchla 200 Modular Synthesizer in Eurorack Format

Buchla USA has collaborated with module manufacturer Tiptop Audio to resurrect the famous Buchla 200 Series synthesizer in the universal Eurorack format. This latest incarnation of Don Buchla’s iconic West Coast style of synthesis, dubbed the 200t, will remain 100 per cent faithful to the original designs

Mayer Announce New MD900 X-VA Wavetable Synthesizer at Superbooth 21

Austrian synth connoisseurs Mayer have unveiled the MD900 X-VA at Superbooth 21, their new flagship multi-timbral wavetable synthesizer with hands-on control, drum instruments and many other features. The MD900x-VA is a multitimbral virtual analog and wavetable synthesizer with 16 voices and 4 parts. The 16

ERICA Synths Feature

Erica Synths Release PĒRKONS HD-OI a New Drum Machine and Synthesizer

Latvian synth company Erica Synths has just revealed their newest creation at Superbooth 2021–the PĒRKONS (THUNDER) – a drum machine and synthesizer and according to their press release, “it will change your approach to electronic rhythm synthesis – an instrument which bears the weight of

Dreadbox Reveal Nymphes, 6-Voice Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

Superbooth 21 is coming and the Greek boutique synth company Dreadbox is showing the Nymphes, a new portable 6-voice polyphonic analog Synthesizer with a hands-on user interface. The Nymphes is purely an analog 6-voice synthesizer featuring a single oscillator and a sub-oscillator. The primary oscillator

Wavetstate 2.0 Feature

Korg Wavestate 2.0 Update Brings User Sample Support, Software Editor and More

Korg’s wavestate synthesizer introduced in 2020 kickstarted their innovative line of digital instruments, now also consisting of opsix and modwave. Wavestate continues to stand out from the crowded synth market with its multi-lane sample sequencing focus, inspired by Korg’s classic wavestation from 1990.  Despite shipping with a sizable multi-gigabyte sample library, one feature request that’s surfaced regularly


Urano by Gotharman’s: A Modular Synthesizer in a Box

Gotharman’s, a Danish boutique synth company specialising in handcrafted devices had previously produced the SpazeDrum Analog Drum Synthesizer and the Tiny LD Granular Workstation has now revealed the Urano, a new modular synthesizer prototype with memory. Urano has a wide range of digital modules for


Sequential Announce ‘Take 5’ Compact Analog Poly Synth

Sequential have announced ‘Take 5’, a new compact analog polyphonic synth which promises “Genuine Sequential sound and quality at a price within your reach”. With a full size 44 key Fatar aftertouch equipped keybed, two VCOs and 1 sub-oscillator per voice and what’s described as a ‘Prophet-5-lineage 4-pole analog filter’, Take 5

Modal Release Free AlgoRhythms Library for COBALT

Modal Electronics have established a strong reputation for their range of powerful digital synthesizers. They also continue to support their product line through a variety of free content such as live streamed tutorials, and of course patch libraries. These serve as a valuable source of creative

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