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Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute Noir

Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute Noir

Fans of Arturia hardware are likely familiar with the company’s fondness for limited edition colour runs, with their black variants being extremely popular. The colourway treatment is typically reserved for the more affordable of their hardware products, that being MIDI controllers and sequencers, which is

Workstation Comparison: Yamaha Montage, MODX and Korg Nautilus

Behold, the keyboard workstation! For those unfamiliar, workstations typically provide not only a huge number of sounds across a diverse range of genres but also the ability to layer many sounds together for creating new textures or complex ensembles. This is in addition to studio-quality

Modal Electronics Release Free Monster Machine Patch Library for ARGON8

Modal Electronics Release Free Monster Machine Patch Library for ARGON8

Modal Electronics’ ARGON8 is one of our go-to synths around the Noisegate office with its super versatile wavetable engine. The dizzying number of onboard wavetables and modifiers make it an adventurous sound designer’s dream (or nightmare in this case). The factory preset library effectively demonstrates

Tutorial: Making House Music with Arturia’s KeyStep Pro

Arturia added the KeyStep Pro to the ‘Step’ range of controllers back in 2019 at the NAMM show, and since then it has made its way into many producer’s home studios (mine included). It currently stands as Arturia’s flagship hardware controller as it gives you


Do You DIY? Korg are Here to Help

Perhaps you’re heard of Korg’s NTS-1 synthesiser, or it’s similarly Multi-Engine equipped brethren, minilogue xd and prologue. Hell, if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you own one of these bad boys. If you do, and you’re yet to explore the growing number

Taking the Korg MS-20 FS For a Spin

Forgive me if I seem a little over excited here (not sorry), but how could I not be when our long awaited Korg MS-20 FS finally lands on the Noisegate office doorstep. As you can see, I wasted no time at all unboxing this full-sized

My Gear: Ehsan Gelsi – The Ten Thousand Pipe Acoustic Organ Sound

Ehsan Gelsi has spent the last 20 years immersed in the world of synthesizers, as a performer, educator and product specialist. Crossing genres from techno and experimental to hip hop and electronica, Ehsan’s musical scope is super diverse and has made him a valuable addition

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