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Roland Boutique

Roland Unveil Two New Boutique Synthesizers: The JD-08 and JX-08

It appears Roland have been busy little vegemites, having just dropped the SP-404 MKII recently and now they’ve added to their popular Boutique lineup with the JD-08 and the JX-08. These are digital emulations of the JD-800 and JX-8P synths, respectively which you may recall

Arturia Updates Microfreak Firmware with New WaveUser Engine

Heads up freak users – it’s time for the annual Microfreak firmware update! All thanks to its killer digital sound engine, the mighty Microfreak synth is the gift that keeps on giving. Arturia announce the fourth major firmware update since it was released back in


Korg opsix 2.0 Update Adds ‘Effect’ Operator Mode, 100 New Presets and More

It’s been a busy past month for Korg’s digital synth team with both wavestate and modwave receiving substantial updates. Now FM fans need no longer feel left out with the release of opsix system software version 2.0.  The headline feature of this update is an all new ‘Effect’ operator mode, where individual operators


TipTop Audio Revive Buchla 200 Modular Synthesizer in Eurorack Format

Buchla USA has collaborated with module manufacturer Tiptop Audio to resurrect the famous Buchla 200 Series synthesizer in the universal Eurorack format. This latest incarnation of Don Buchla’s iconic West Coast style of synthesis, dubbed the 200t, will remain 100 per cent faithful to the original designs

Mayer Announce New MD900 X-VA Wavetable Synthesizer at Superbooth 21

Austrian synth connoisseurs Mayer have unveiled the MD900 X-VA at Superbooth 21, their new flagship multi-timbral wavetable synthesizer with hands-on control, drum instruments and many other features. The MD900x-VA is a multitimbral virtual analog and wavetable synthesizer with 16 voices and 4 parts. The 16

ERICA Synths Feature

Erica Synths Release PĒRKONS HD-OI a New Drum Machine and Synthesizer

Latvian synth company Erica Synths has just revealed their newest creation at Superbooth 2021–the PĒRKONS (THUNDER) – a drum machine and synthesizer and according to their press release, “it will change your approach to electronic rhythm synthesis – an instrument which bears the weight of

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