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Italians Do it Better: IK Multimedia Introduce UNO Synth Pro

Italy’s IK Multimedia have announced new additions to their UNO synth line up with the UNO Synth Pro and the UNO Synth Pro Desktop. The UNO Synth Pro is a 37 key paraphonic synthesizer with three analogue oscillators, a dual filter system, multiple envelops and

Poly Effects Introduce Hector, Their First Eurorack Module

This is an exciting one, boutique Australian effect pedal manufacturer Poly Effects, have been gaining momentum with their wildly powerful multi-touch screen modular pedals Digit and Beebo over the last couple of years, and now they’ve just announced they’re entering the Eurorack market.  Poly Effects

New Kurzweil K2700, A Modern Premium Workstation

Kurzweil have come to the table this NAMM 2021 season, with the new K2700, featuring 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys, revamped sound engine and a myriad of control surfaces including 16 pads, a ribbon controller, programmable sliders and knobs, this is a fully fledged workstation.

Miso Modular Tease New Granular Eurorack Module ‘Cornflakes’

A small Danish Eurorack company named after a Japanese soup has come up with a nice looking granular module named after an American breakfast cereal that was invented to discourage patients at a sanitarium from masturbating. That’s probably one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever