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Arturia PoltBrute

Arturia Announce PolyBrute, Morphing 6-Voice Analog Synth

After years of speculation from the greater global synth community along with prayers to their respective sub-denominational patron saints, Arturia have lifted the veil off their flagship polyphonic behemoth: PolyBrute. Some aspects are just as you may expect from such an addition to Arturia’s synth lineup, but it also packs

Keystep 37 Feature

Arturia Add to their Keystep Collective with the New Keystep 37 

Arturia is back with a new controller keyboard, adding the Keystep 37 to their line-up of ‘step’ hardware controllers. The Keystep 37 adds a further 5 keys making it a 37 note mini-key controller (3 octaves) which includes velocity, aftertouch and LED’s above each key for fast visual feedback. At the centre of the control panel, there are 4 new

Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder

Arturia Get their Freak on Again with the MicroFreak Vocoder

Arturia has added to its hybrid Freak formula with the release of the MicroFreak Vocoder “Limited Edition”. It borrows its foundation from the ever-popular MicroFreak synth and loaded it up with a 16-band Vocoder, a detachable gooseneck mic along with a stylish new makeover. According

Korg Update Wavestate with a Barrage of Tweaks and Fixes

Korg have updated their powerful Wavestate synthesiser’s system firmware to version 1.0.4 which includes a long list of performance tweaks and fixes (see the full list below). Given the extensive (perhaps that’s an understatement) editing capabilities of this machine, it was only a matter of time before people

Arturia Announce Limited Edition ‘Power Trio’ Keylab 88 MKII Bundle

Arturia Announce Limited Edition ‘Power Trio’ Keylab 88 MKII Bundle

Arturia have announced a limited edition hardware/software bundle dubbed as ‘Power Trio’ which includes their flagship Keylab 88 MKII keyboard controller and an accompanying set of wooden legs, as well as their V-Collection 6 software bundle. This is a comprehensive, premium quality package ideal for

Modal Electronics SKULPT Synth gets MPE support with Firmware 2.0

Hot off their recent ARGON8 feature update, Modal Electronics have given their SKULPT Virtual Analog desktop synth a similar treatment with Firmware 2.0.  Top of the new feature list is MPE support as we saw with the ARGON8 2.0 update and SKULPT’s 8-oscillator per-voice architecture