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Korg Release Limited Edition miniKORG 700FS Synthesizer

The name Korg has been synonymous with synthesizers for many years, perhaps even longer than you may realize. Their iconic patch bay laden semi-modular MS-20 dates back to 1978, however, Korg’s synth journey really began with the 1973 unveiling of the miniKORG 700. Intended to compliment more

Arturia V Collection 8.1 Update Brings Micro-Tuning, NKS Support and More

Arturia have updated their V Collection virtual instrument bundle to version 8.1, bringing a host of new features and functionality, for free! There’s plenty here to please all manner of V Collection owners from new sounds and tuning capabilities, to improved controller integration and accessibility features. 


Native Instruments Release PIANO COLORS, Avant-Garde Software Instrument

Native Instruments have again collaborated with Galaxy Instruments to release PIANO COLORS, an experimental and highly expressive piano-based Kontakt Instrument.  Following in the footsteps of their recent Noire instrument, PIANO COLORS utilizes innovative performance and sampling techniques and creative modulation and an inspiring interface to create an instrument

Korg Release modwave – Wavetable Synthesis Meets Kaoss Physics

Korg’s modwave synthesizer was unveiled in January this year during the NAMM “Believe in Music“ event and joins wavestate and opsix as a formidable trio of innovative digital synths, this time bringing wavetable synthesis and a host of other tricks to the party. At first

Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute Noir

Arturia Unveil Limited Edition MatrixBrute Noir

Fans of Arturia hardware are likely familiar with the company’s fondness for limited edition colour runs, with their black variants being extremely popular. The colourway treatment is typically reserved for the more affordable of their hardware products, that being MIDI controllers and sequencers, which is

Workstation Comparison: Yamaha Montage, MODX and Korg Nautilus

Behold, the keyboard workstation! For those unfamiliar, workstations typically provide not only a huge number of sounds across a diverse range of genres but also the ability to layer many sounds together for creating new textures or complex ensembles. This is in addition to studio-quality

Modal Electronics Release Free Monster Machine Patch Library for ARGON8

Modal Electronics Release Free Monster Machine Patch Library for ARGON8

Modal Electronics’ ARGON8 is one of our go-to synths around the Noisegate office with its super versatile wavetable engine. The dizzying number of onboard wavetables and modifiers make it an adventurous sound designer’s dream (or nightmare in this case). The factory preset library effectively demonstrates


Do You DIY? Korg are Here to Help

Perhaps you’re heard of Korg’s NTS-1 synthesiser, or it’s similarly Multi-Engine equipped brethren, minilogue xd and prologue. Hell, if you’re reading this article there’s a good chance you own one of these bad boys. If you do, and you’re yet to explore the growing number

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