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Roland Boutique JD-08 Synthesizer: Overview and Jam

The Roland JD-800 was a favourite for top electronic music producers through the ’90s. Combining the original JD-800 waveforms with advanced modelling techniques, the new JD-08 packs much of the sound design features of the original, along with expanded polyphony and a new two-part polyphonic

Korg ARP 2600M Deep Dive

ARP 2600M is Korg’s faithful recreation of the classic semi-modular analog synth, at 60% size. Without a doubt one of the most iconic synthesizers ever released, the ARP 2600 is as popular today as it has ever been. The limited-edition ARP 2600 FS released by Korg in 2020 saw its

Top 5 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Synth Nuts (And Producers)

Tis the season to start saying otherwise socially objectionable things like ‘tis the season’ and what better way to celebrate this particular season than rampant shopping. Christmas time is all about turkey and pudding, but there’s always room for bangers, especially if you or someone

Tutorial: Making House Music with Arturia’s KeyStep Pro

Arturia added the KeyStep Pro to the ‘Step’ range of controllers back in 2019 at the NAMM show, and since then it has made its way into many producer’s home studios (mine included). It currently stands as Arturia’s flagship hardware controller as it gives you

Tutorial: Korg SQ-64 Sequencer Workflow

Got synths? Need sequencing? That’s what I thought, keep reading because we had a little sit down with Korg’s new SQ64 polyphonic hardware sequencer. This little mini machine is built like a tank and offers everything you need for sequencing all your hardware (or software)

Tutorial: Arturia’s KeyStep 37 Chord Function (and Why it’s Great!)

The Arturia KeyStep 37 was released earlier this year with some really excellent new features, expanding the functionality of the already very popular KeyStep base model. Something I’ve personally really been enjoying is the wonderfully simple-but-powerful chord and strum feature, so here’s a little tutorial

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