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NAMM 2021 Booth Report: Adamson Systems Engineering

Adamson is a brand that is a bit different from what we are used to seeing in the consumer market, these are professional products for “cream of the crop” AV professionals and boutique venues, these speakers are the pinnacle of sound quality for live performances

NAMM 2021 Booth Report: JBL, AKG, Soundcraft [Harman]

Harman’s virtual booth at NAMM this year focused on a number of products from their enormous back catalogue of products within the JBL, AKG and Soundcraft brands. JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer – The JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer, the newest model in the IRX series of versatile, cost-conscious

New Mackie SRT Powered Loudspeakers: Affordable and Clever Design 

Mackie SRT speakers are engineered with a raft of features to make it a robust entry into the PA market. The SRT comes in a 10, 12 and 15-inch boxes and these can be coupled with an 18-inch subwoofer. Each SRT has physics-based cooling – the ports are pointed towards the

JBL Makes Line Array Setup Easy with New Plug’n’Play BRX300 Series

JBL’s new BRX300 Series promises to simplify line-array setup to the point where a technician is not required, while delivering professional fidelity.  The compact (by line-array standards) system is modular in functionality and includes: BRX308-LA Line Array Element with dual 8″ drivers and a 3″ titanium compression

Hybrid Mixers – Analogue Punch, Digital Flexibility

Hybrid Mixers – Analogue Punch, Digital Flexibility

In an age where digital technology seemingly consumes the planet, reminiscing when analogue technology reigned supreme seems light-years in the distant past. With many users shying away from digital equipment and preferring the tactile immediacy of analogue gear, thankfully (at least in the world of

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