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Live Mixing Plug-In Systems Offer More Power

Live Mixing Plug-In Systems Offer More Power

Ever increasing technology and capabilities of the digital world offers live mixing engineers more power, flexibility and sonic signature than ever before. If the already staggering processing power offered in digital mixers these days isn’t enough for you, most digital consoles also allow for the

JBL PRX 800 Firmware Update

JBL Professional Updates PRX800 Loudspeaker Series with V2 Firmware

The JBL Professional PRX800 Series has just been updated with V2 Firmware that will now let you set up and experience the best that the PRX800 loudspeaker currently has to offer. So What’s New in the V2 Firmware Update? Through customer research, they’ve learned that

AKG: New K175, K245 & K275 Foldable Headphones

AKG: K175, K245 & K275 Foldable Headphones Review

The legends over at AKG have given us an exclusive first look at their brand-new line of professional headphones. First announced in 2017, the new line has finally landed in Australia with three models in the range, the K-175, the K-245 and lastly the K-275. 

AKG WMS40 Mini Wireless Range Gets Expanded

AKG’s WMS40 mini wireless mic and instrument systems have just got an exciting expansion with the introduction of the WMS40 mini US25 range, now available in Australia.   Extension The new US25 range offers four new fixed frequencies, Band A 537.500 MHz, Band B 537.900

Soundcraft Release Ui Firmware Update

Soundcraft Releases V3 Firmware Update For Ui Digital Consoles

The increasingly popular Soundcraft Ui series digital mixers have just seen a beastly firmware update with the release of the Ui24R V3 firmware. What’s New? When the Ui24R’s version 2 firmware was released with such an array of new features, we wondered what could Soundcraft

Spatial Audio – The Tech Behind the Hype

Spatial Audio – The Tech Behind the Hype

Stereo in live sound has always been a concept honoured in name only. On PA systems of any reasonable size, in just about every performance space, no engineer is really mixing in stereo. The reasons are pretty simple – if you fully utilised the stereo
Home Guitar & Bass Production & Studio Synth & Keys Live Sound Subscribe HomeNewsRetro Meets Modern – Guide To CD Players Retro Meets Modern – Guide to CD Players

Retro Meets Modern – Guide to CD Players

CD’s, just the term sounds “retro” these days let alone cassettes tapes, but low and behold CD's are still here. And despite the CD market gradually slowing due to the music streaming era we’re in right now, the CD format still maintains sales and distribution
Speaker Box Comparison – JBL, Yamaha and QSC

Speaker Box Comparison – JBL, Yamaha and QSC

[addtoany] When you’re on the hunt for a new PA system in a well-stocked retail store, you’re likely to  find yourself barraged by, what sometimes feels like never ending walls of speaker boxes, with limitless options to choose from. Don’t get us wrong, having options