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Can Reverb Make Vocals and Guitars Sound Better?

Can Reverb Make Vocals and Guitars Sound Better?

Reverb, it’s everywhere and we love it, most of the time. But for something so common to the human ear, it can sometimes be hard to place in the context of a mix, whether in the studio or live on stage. In this article, we’re

David Carbone Interview Feature

Interview with Scaler 2 Plugin Designer Davide Carbone

If you’ve ever found yourself struggling with ideas for chords and melodies, maybe Scaler can help.  Scaler is a creative music theory plugin that can level-up your compositions and provide inspiration for new musical ideas. Released earlier this month, Scaler 2 includes some powerful new


5 Ways Universal Audio Interfaces Will Change the Way You Record & Mix

Universal Audio’s recording interfaces have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years. Initially seen as exclusively pro/project studio offerings, UA has evolved their line of interfaces to offer that same pro-level quality and experience to a range of users including home and

The #1 Secret of Home Studio Productivity: Make it Easy

It’s a crux point of modern life that we’re all time poor. Splitting time between work, study, traffic, relationships, family — whatever it is, our own personal hobbies and aspirations can often take a back seat. If you’re finding it difficult to find the time


How to Broadcast Your DJ Set with Traktor Pro

AN EASY ALTERNATIVE TO LIVE STREAMING I admire the DJ community’s resourcefulness to keep the party going during a global health crisis, as DJs move from the club to streaming to social media. The sudden streaming phenomenon has seen the internet inundated with questions surrounding

TRaktor DJ 2.4 Feature

Native Instruments Drop New Software Update for Traktor DJ 2

NI is back with some more product software updates this time for Traktor DJ 2, the most recent and refined version of Traktor. This new update has gained momentum with the DJ community for its compatibility with iOS for iPads and plug-and-play integration with Traktor