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Antelope Audio Release their New Zen Go Synergy Core Interface

Antelope Audio’s newest interface sports a sleek polished black metal look with a very fancy looking colour display. It has one knob which can be assigned to multiple functions, such as gain and headphone/monitor levels. Sporting 2x TRS/XLR combo inputs, S/PDIF in and out and

NAMM 2021 Booth Report: Tascam 

This year Tascam  are championing their US-HR series of interfaces which are some very sleek looking units. I’m a big fan of the black and red colour combo they’ve gone with. This is a stark difference to the previous version of the US interfaces which sported a

NAMM 2021 Booth Report: Native Instruments

Native Instruments made the decision to take the bench at this year’s NAMM show making no new products announcements or demonstrations and although they normally make a physical appearance every year, this isn’t unusual for the German company who usually make product announcements around the

Black Line Feature

New Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2: High End Portable Interface

Black Lion Audio have hit the ground running in 2021 with their new Revolution 2×2 interface. Describing it as the truly high-end, portable recording interface the Revolution 2×2 has 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs (with input switch), phantom power, a handy LED meter and headphone output. 

Poly Effects Introduce Hector, Their First Eurorack Module

This is an exciting one, boutique Australian effect pedal manufacturer Poly Effects, have been gaining momentum with their wildly powerful multi-touch screen modular pedals Digit and Beebo over the last couple of years, and now they’ve just announced they’re entering the Eurorack market.  Poly Effects

Field Guide to Choosing the Right Headphones

Understanding headphones is an important part of recording and the production process, maybe not the sexiest subject but essential nevertheless! From affordable to pricey, open to closed back, over-ear to in-ear, there are many different kinds of headphones suitable for a range of applications from