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Analogue, Digital and Hybrid: Audio Mixer Types Explained

Have you noticed manufacturers citing their audio mixers as analogue, digital and now ‘hybrid’? Wondering what that means when it comes to actually using the mixer? Here’s a no nonsense explanation of the differences and some pros n’ cons.   Analogue Mixers are Brainless They are

Arturia Release ‘3 Modulation FX You’ll Actually Use’ Software Bundle

Arturia have once again added to their ever-expanding software library of ‘effects you’ll actually use’ with a trio of tasty new modulation plugins. The ‘3 Modulation FX you’ll actually use’ bundle pays tribute to three classic hardware effect processors covering chorus, phaser and flange varieties, all delivered

Volca Sample Gets a Powerful New Update from Korg

The mighty Korg Volca Sample is getting the update treatment with Korg announcing a ‘new generation Volca Sample’ that adds more sample memory, updated sample library, more workflow features and a micro USB port for more improved connectivity. This compact beat making box has always been one of my favourite Volcas as it’s super fun to use and has plenty of knobs for manipulating sounds, however

Roland Bolster Their TR-8S Drum Machine With Inbuilt FM Drum Synths

Roland’s popular TR-8S drum machine has just received quite a significant update, V2.0 adds a simplified FM synth under the hood that enables users to synthesize drum, percussion and melodic sounds rather than use samples or the inbuilt classic TR-style sounds. Obviously the TR-8S doesn’t

Universal Audio Announce Apollo Solo and Apollo Solo USB Interfaces

Never ones to shy away from a good teaser campaign, Universal Audio raised their fair share of eyebrows earlier this week with news of an ambitious collaborative music-making project described as the ‘1000 Producer Experiment’. Perhaps even more mysterious was the subtext proclaiming the experiment

Free Techno Sample Pack

Free Techno Sample Pack “Hymenoptera” by Diode Eins

After releasing their Hymenoptera EP on Insectum Records, Diode Eins producers and DJ trio from Germany have produced a free Techno sample pack, filled with samples and loops taken from the EP. Hymenoptera can be described as Peak Time / Driving / Hard Techno and