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Just Sounds: Synth Jam with Ableton’s Push Feature

Just Sounds: Synth Jam with Ableton’s Push

Here’s what you missed at Bigsound 2019 last week in Brisbane. Noisegate’s senior contributor Leroy, jamming with Ableton’s Push 2 controlling hardware synths and drum machine.            

Roland Revive the Groovebox, Juno and Jupiter Names on New Range

Last night Roland surprised everyone with a bunch of new product releases aimed squarely at electronic music producers and keys players. Here’s the rundown. MC-101 & MC-707 Grooveboxes That’s right, Roland’s Groovebox line is back! The first ‘MC’ products since the mammoth MC-909 finished production

Hello Reason Studios – 11 Reasons to not Switch DAWs

In the not too distant past, Propellerhead shook up the computer based music production world with the news that Reason 9.5 would be adding VST plugin support, a move somewhat antithetical to their initial design philosophy as a one stop, self-contained environment emphasising flexibility and

First Look: Arturia’s Three New Delays You’ll Actually Use

‘3 Delays You’ll Actually Use’ is the latest addition to Arturia’s existing line of devices with purportedly imminent practicality such as ‘3 Filters You’ll Actually Use, ‘3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use’ and ’3 Compressors You’ll Actually Use’. If you’ve never been one to get particularly excited

Shape Your Sound With denise’s New Release, ‘The Sweeper’

Shape Your Sound with ‘The Sweeper’ a New Plug-in Release from Denise

Denise has certainly kept their promise of releasing great little plug-ins that are easy to use, loaded with tons of character while creating surprising results and their newest release “The Sweeper” doesn’t disappoint. The Sweeper is a tool for dynamic frequency Sweeping that sets its

Free Online Patch editor for the Volca Drum from Oscillator Sink

Free Online Patch Editor for the Volca Drum From Oscillator Sink

Oscillator Sink has made a super handy online patch editor for Korg’s Volca Drum synthesiser. The editor is free to use and gives you control of all parameters of both layers across all 6 available parts. It also  includes control over the Waveguide resonator effect.