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Ableton Live 11: 5 Features To Get Excited About

Ableton Live. Everyone’s favourite music making software (well, it’s mine at least). If it’s not yours yet, then this new version release might tip you over the edge. Live 11 has finally been released to the public after months of Beta testing and oh-my-days have they packed

USB Microphone Comparison: Rode NT-USB, Blue Yeti & AKG Lyra

USB microphones bridge the gap for those who want a good quality microphone to record, stream, vlog, or zoom from home, but don’t want all the fuss that comes with using a microphone and all the necessary bits one needs to buy, such as an

Free Arturia Audiofuse Update Adds Improvements and Extra Software

Whilst Arturia is still a relative newcomer to the audio interface market, their range of Audiofuse products have been getting a lot of attention for their impressive sound quality, feature set and overall value for money. A big drawcard is also the comprehensive ‘Audiofuse Creative

2021 NAMM ‘Believe In Music’ Week Wrap Up

It’s the pilgrimage that every music gear-head loves, the NAMM Winter Show. Every year in January, the world gets to see a heap of hot new products and announcements all from Los Angeles, USA. So, you’d be excused if you were confused by NAMM this year, it went completely virtual and the name

Yamaha Grow Their Monitor Family with the Compact MSP3A  

Yamaha are no strangers when it comes to monitors and this year they’ve expanded their range with the release of the MSP3A. Yamaha have designed this compact reference monitor to work across multiple situations from small studio and post production set ups to classrooms and cafes.   The

Antelope Audio Release their New Zen Go Synergy Core Interface

Antelope Audio’s newest interface sports a sleek polished black metal look with a very fancy looking colour display. It has one knob which can be assigned to multiple functions, such as gain and headphone/monitor levels. Sporting 2x TRS/XLR combo inputs, S/PDIF in and out and

NAMM 2021 Booth Report: Tascam 

This year Tascam  are championing their US-HR series of interfaces which are some very sleek looking units. I’m a big fan of the black and red colour combo they’ve gone with. This is a stark difference to the previous version of the US interfaces which sported a