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Buyers Guide: Our Pick of Studio Monitors Under AUD$400 a Pair

The quality of sound you can get for under AUD$400 in your home studio in 2019 (well, basically 2020 now) has imporved dramatically over the last decade. Gone are the days of over-emphasised thumping bass and screeching tinny high-ends on entry level monitors, now you

Just Sounds: NI Maschine Controls Hardware Synths

Just Sounds: Native Instruments Maschine Controls Hardware Synths

Something that is little known and doesn’t seem to receive the attention it should (at least in my opinion anyway) is Maschine’s ability to control hardware synths right from the controller. Native Instruments has created stacks of presets from different synth manufactures all with pre-mapped

Tutorial: Using Ableton Live and Push to Control External Synths Via MIDI

In early September, the Noisegate team went to the BIGSOUND festival/conference in Brisbane to host music-making workshops with Ableton Live. In my ‘Push New Ideas’ presentation, I demo’d a performance setup using Push 2, that was controlling external hardware synths and drum machines (see video below).

Time Flies Maschine 10 years

Time Flies When You’re Making Beats – 10 Years of Maschine

Since its inception, Native Instruments’ Maschine has been one of the foremost hybrid hardware/software music production systems, designed to harness the power of your laptop through a dedicated controller. Providing far more functionality than simply finger-drumming, Maschine’s 16 coloured pads have become iconic, and featured