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First Look at Universal Audio UAD Spark Opal Morphing Synthesizer

Opal is a brand new software synthesizer by Universal Audio which comes as part of their UAD Spark native plug-in package. It combines virtual analog and wavetable synthesis and offers plenty of versatility, a very flexible layout, and fits right in aesthetically with UA’s high-end

Recording Guitars With Universal Audio Volt Interface

Recording guitar is possibly the second most common use for an audio interface, behind recording vocals. So, following our recent vocal recording guide, here’s how to get started recording guitar with a Universal Audio Volt interface.  There are many different ways to approach recording guitar,

Recording Vocals with UA’s Volt Audio Interface

Probably the most common use for an audio interface is connecting a microphone to a computer to record vocals. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, YouTuber, live-streamer, or podcaster, high-quality vocal recordings can have a huge impact on the overall production quality.   Universal Audio’s Volt interface puts

UA Volt Tips and Tricks – Making the Best Possible Recordings

In this article and the accompanying video, we’ll be going over some tips and tricks to make the best possible recordings using Universal Audio’s Volt audio interfaces. In upcoming articles we’ll look at some specific recording situations such as recording vocals or recording guitar, so


Home Studio Essentials Part 1: Audio Interface, Arturia MiniFuse 2

When starting your journey into producing and recording music choosing an audio interface is pretty much the first choice you’ll need to make. Audio interfaces convert audio signals from a microphone, guitar, synthesizer (or any sound source) into the digital realm and send it to

Audio Interfaces, Where to Start: a Beginners Guide

Buying an interface is a daunting and exhausting process, there are so many audio interfaces to consider all at different prices. Also, an overly complicated interface with a varied number of features could become a bit of a head-scratcher. For a beginner it’s just a

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