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Max For Live Roundup: Ten FREE Ableton Devices Worth A Look

With its Max programming language integration, Ableton Live is a tinkerer’s dream. Musician’s are not limited by the effects, sequencers, instruments and mixing utilities included with Ableton — if you can think up a device, odds are it can be custom built within the Max

Apple’s Latest Macs Workaround for Audio Performance Bug

Apple’s Latest Macs Workaround for Audio Performance Bug

It has been reported in some circles that Apple has a serious, unresolved bug that causes issues with all audio performance with external devices across all its latest Macs, thanks to the company’s own software and custom security chip. The only good news: there is

NI Traktor S4: Tips and Tricks.

Traktor S4 MK3 Tips & Tricks: FX & Remix Decks Tutorials

In this two-part video tutorial series, we’re going to have a look at some tips and tricks on some of the new features introduced on the Native Instruments Traktor S4 MK3 DJ controller. FX Section. Native Instruments introduced a new FX section on the S4 MK3 called

Choosing the Right Interface Feature

Choosing the Right Audio Interface for Your Home Studio

When you’re first looking to get a home recording rig setup or upgrading gear for an already existing space it can be very exciting but at times overwhelming, with quite literally a galactic amount of options of gear to choose from. The main hub of