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10 Ableton Live Tips to Keep the Creative Juices Flowing While in Lockdown

It’s an anxious time right now, COVID-19’s got us self-isolating, and the clubs are all closed. Rather than stocking up on dunny paper and pasta sauce, we thought we’d stock-pile some tips, tricks, and ideas on working more effectively and staying creative in Ableton Live. Here’s 10 tips to keep your workflow smooth and innovation high.   1. Manage your Frequently Used Content.   One

DIY SubKick Feature

How to Make Your Own SubKick Drum Microphone

In this video, we show a quick and easy way to make your own ‘Subkick’ microphone. This microphone works very well at capturing the low-end frequencies from your acoustic kick drum and provides extra energy to your kick sound when used in conjunction with a

Performance Anxiety: How to Avoid Red Light Fever in the Studio

Aspiring music producers often look to their heroes to inspire and hone their skills in the studio. Think of great producers such as Sylvia Massey, Rick Rubin or Max Martin and the impact they’ve had on music. This impact stems more from their ability to

Compression 101: The 5 Essential Functions You Need to Know

One of the first things any recording engineer or producer will invariably come across is compression. It seems like some sort of mythical beast, untameable and obscure. This article will break down what exactly compression does, cover some of its uses and applications within the

Buyers Guide: Our Pick of Studio Monitors Under AUD$400 a Pair

The quality of sound you can get for under AUD$400 in your home studio in 2019 (well, basically 2020 now) has improved dramatically over the last decade. Gone are the days of over-emphasised thumping bass and screeching tinny high-ends on entry level monitors, now you

Just Sounds: NI Maschine Controls Hardware Synths

Just Sounds: Native Instruments Maschine Controls Hardware Synths

Something that is little known and doesn’t seem to receive the attention it should (at least in my opinion anyway) is Maschine’s ability to control hardware synths right from the controller. Native Instruments has created stacks of presets from different synth manufactures all with pre-mapped