Control your MIDI Devices with CV, Befaco CV Thing Eurorack Module Now Available

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Befaco’s new CV to MIDI converter module, the CV Thing, is now available, providing a slimmed-down and simplified range of functions found in their big VCMC (voltage controlled MIDI controller) module. The CV to MIDI idea might seem funny at first, but it’s actually super clever and opens up some really interesting workflow opportunities. Let me explain.

Speaking as someone who’s a year into using a modular synth as their primary music making device, I can confirm that the workflow of distributing voltages to build, program and play sounds is utterly intoxicating.  It’s hard to imagine going to back to building and sequencing sounds on standard software and hardware. But the flip side is that there’s a whole world of powerful MIDI-controlled devices and software now being completely overlooked. That’s a huge bummer! The Befaco CV Thing enables you to keep the fun modular patching workflow, but incorporate your MIDI controlled devices easily. You might have seen my tutorial demo on using MIDI with the Source Audio Collider pedal last week, with this module in my rack, I could create complex LFOs in my modular system and use them to modulate knobs on the pedal. You could even use your modular rig to play instruments, effects and mixing in Ableton Live!

The CV Thing features 8 inputs that can be mapped to any MIDI message on its simple user interface. Ccs, program change ,v/oct to note or clock (tempo) are some of the messages that can be configured to easily control MIDI gear from your modular rig. It’s available pre-built or in a DIY kit directly from Befaco.


DivKid has put together a great demo showcasing it, check it out:


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