Denise Release a Transient Booster Plug-In

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Denise’s goal is to create a brand-new range of plug-ins that are not only quick and simple-to-use, but also offer an incredibly powerful addition to your mixes. As well as the Saturator and the New York compressor, the Denise Transient Booster is the third plug-in in their first series of releases.

What makes the Transient Booster a great plug-in is the amount of control you have over your transients and the colour it adds to your sound. “The Transient Booster plugin is a very good plug-in, it brings out the high end bite.” — Seven, DJ / Producer.

The plug-in can be used as a straightforward “one-knob” tool to bring to life drum-beats, percussion loops and synth stabs. However, the addition of the “peak-width” control lets you target all peaks between 0 – 100ms, as well as “smooth” out any artifacts in the case of more extreme use on bus-groups or full mixes. Together with its different timbre styles, a built-in limiter and stereo-link options, the Denise Transient Booster is versatile with a minimum drain on your CPU usage.

Try the peak-width control for yourself, Denise are offering a trial download of the plug-in in VST/AU/VST3 formats for Mac and PC.


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