DJ Kuya: A Tribute to a Melbourne Legend

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This week, the Australian DJ and electronic music community lost one of its most respected and revered members.

Arsenio Fabay aka DJ Kuya was not only an iconic producer, DJ and turntablist but also part of the Noisegate family. As one of our founding members, Kuya brought a level of professionalism, knowledge and creativity that most could only dream of.

Speaking with him you would never know he was a man who had a DJ career spanning nearly three decades, or that he was one of the Melbourne’s most beloved and influential DJ’s. His humble nature belied his extensive professional accolades which included three DMC state titles, an Australian ITF DJ title and playing along side some of the worlds most prominent DJ’s and turntablists.

A true innovator and early adopter of music technology, many can recall Kuya visiting their music stores to demonstrate primitive DVS systems such as Final Scratch and Traktor or showcasing the way he integrated early versions of Maschine and Ableton into his performances. As his bio indicates, Kuya was constantly looking to develop new and innovative DJ sets which balanced his turntable prowess and original compositions with the spontaneity of a live performance.

The past week has seen hordes of touching tributes to Kuya including street art, radio shows and countless numbers of social media posts honouring him.

Arsenio was humble, kind and above all else a true gentleman. He will be missed by all who knew him. R.I.P Kuya.


DJ Kuya A Tribute to a Melbourne Legend
DJ Kuya A Tribute to a Melbourne Legend
Melbourne Graffiti artists pay tribute to DJ Kuya with murals in Maribyrnong and Brunswick