DJing with Phase is About to Get a Whole Lot Simpler for Serato DJ Pro Users

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In case you missed it, Phase has announced that they are teaming up with Serato to develop some nifty new integration with Serato Pro, meaning Phase users can ditch the RCA cables and connect directly to their computer from their Phase receiver.  

MWM (the company behind Phase) launched their product at last year’s NAMM show, and it is the first DJ system that allows DJs and turntablists to ‘scratch ’n mix’ without the use of needles, using a world-first ‘wireless DVS system’. It uses wireless remotes which are placed directly on a turntable platter which send DVS information to the receiver that is connected to your computers DJ software.  

Previously, connecting Phase with your turntable set-up required you to connect the Phase receiver to the mixer via RCA cables and then connect the receiver to your computer (confused?). Now, the set-up is much simpler, and you can leave you turntables plugged in, instantly switching to regular control vinyl or even regular records with minimal fuss. What’s best of all is that this will be available to all users of existing Phase hardware, so no matter if you’re a new user or old one, you’ll still reap the benefits.  

It should be noted that this is only available for users of Serato DJ Pro, and whilst Phase is compatible with all the other major DJ software companies on the market, they won’t feature the same level of integration, at least for now.  

This will be implanted in the form of a software update later in 2020. Head to the website for more info.  



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