Electro-Harmonix New MOD11 Modulator Pedal: From the Classics to Exotic

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Electro-Harmonix have just announced the release of their new Mod 11 pedal and as the name suggests is packed with 11 different modulation effects.

EHX certainly keep pushing the boundary when it comes to their effect pedal releases and this pedal emphasizes their commitment to catering for all tastes. The array of effect modes include Tremolo, Vibrato and Univibe as well as more obscure flavours like Flangers and Pitch-Shifters.

The knobs on the Mod 11 cater for the common rate, colour, and depth controls along with a knob mode that unlocks “hidden” parameters and gives you even greater control over the pedal’s effects.

For more info, head to the Electro-Harmonix Website:

Hear the Mod 11 in action below:

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