EON ONE MK2: JBL Evolve the Powerful Portable Stick PA System

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Hot on the heels of the recent PRX ONE release, JBL has announced the newest member of their generation of Stick PAs: The EON ONE MK2. The EON ONE MK2 is a battery-powered column PA that packs a 5-channel digital mixer, DBX and Lexicon DSP effects, Bluetooth functionality and universal app control into a lightweight, portable package that can be carried in one hand.

JBL has made some significant improvements on the EON ONE MK2 compared to its predecessor. For starters there’s Bluetooth 5.0 for a stronger and more stable connection when streaming audio, high-grade preamps with plenty of headroom, improved DSP for clearer sound and my personal favourite feature: the battery is now found in the bottom piece of the column array, allowing for quick swapping and improved acoustics in the subwoofer. Another great feature is that EON ONE MK2’s DSP and mixer can also be controlled via the JBL’s Pro Connect App which is available for Android or iOS devices.

The EON ONE MK2 delivers the fidelity JBL is legendary for, combining a C-shaped 8-tweeter array with a 10” woofer to deliver class-leading clarity and coverage down to 37 Hz, with wide dispersion and a maximum output of 123 dB.

It is engineered for versatility and ease of use: dial up your signature sound in an instant, thanks to a full suite of pro-grade Lexicon and DBX effects and presets, with controls that scale from beginner to advanced. Variable Power Performance automatically optimizes power for AC or battery operation. Bluetooth audio streaming and six-hour battery operation round out the advantages of this all-purpose, all-in-one system.

The EON ONE MK2 is ideal for a range of users, from buskers and singer/songwriters seeking pro-grade sound without AC power, to educators and hospitality providers who prioritize fast setup and ease of use, to houses of worship and rental companies who require portable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. In short: It’s your go-to anytime, anywhere stick PA system.

More on the EON ONE MK2 very soon!

Expect to pay $1899.00.

Available now through JBL Professional Australian dealer with a 5-year warranty!

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